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Top 10 Roommate Pranks

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 24, 2012
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One of the top ten roommate pranksContributed by Jennifer Andrews , Top 10 Guru

Living with roommates is common during the college years whether it’s in a cramped up dorm or small apartment or semi-dilapidated off campus house.

As you get to know the people you’re living and sharing space with, it may be fun to pull some pranks particularly if your roommates are light-hearted and easygoing people. Check out the list of top ten roommate pranks below to give you an idea of what tricks you can play on your own roommates.

10. Cold shower

One of the top ten roommate pranks

The icy cold shower scene is frequently used by pranksters to target unsuspecting roommates. Fill up a bucket with cold water to throw over the top of the shower door to give you roomie a frigid freeze!

9. Tying doors

One of the top ten roommate pranks

You may have seen roommates pranking each other with a door tying trick in the movies. Simply tie the opposite ends of a long string to two opposing door knobs that stand across from each other to prevent your roomie from opening the door.

8. Fake spider

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Girls especially are likely to scream at this prank that involves placing a fake spider or snake at the foot of the door – in even in the bed sheets!

7. Whoopee

One of the top ten roommate pranks

While the whoope cushion maybe be one of the oldest pranks in the book, it rarely fails to give a rise out of the poor unsuspecting roommate that sits on it.

6. Sugar or salt

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Fill the salt shaker with sugar and the sugar bowl with salt for a prank that will leave roomies with a bad taste in their mouths.

5. Egging on

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Get your egg on – literally – by placing an egg on a roommate’s chair before he unknowingly sits down on, and in, it.

4. Time change

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Change the times on your roommate’s clocks to have him get up an hour or two earlier or later than usual. He may be the first one to class – or the last.

3. Bottled beverage

One of the top ten roommate pranks

If your roommate is constantly chugging from a water bottle, try filling it up as usual but add a tablespoon of sugar, unsweetened lemonade or salt!

2. Sock war

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Start stockpiling extra socks from your roommates’ laundry pile and hide them where he or she can’t find them. Your roomie will be wondering if the washing machine is eating his clothes.

1. Balloon surprise!

One of the top ten roommate pranks

Prank an unsuspecting roommate by filling the room up with balloons in every corner or storing them in a cupboard to pop out when opened.

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