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Top 10 Shopping Mall Survival Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 9, 2012
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shopping mall survivalContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Malls may not be the most enjoyable places to go, but it’s hard to avoid them in many areas.

Whether it’s time for school shopping or to freshen up the wardrobe sometimes you want the one-stop center with the most choices possible. With a bit of planning, going to the shopping mall doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

These survival tips will make your next trip better, possibly enjoyable.

10. Caffeine Up

load up on caffeine

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, this is not the day to skip or skimp. Have a cup on the drive over so your hands are free when shopping. The delicious caffeine will help you think and move faster so the shopping is done before you get “malled out”.

9. Fight the Crash


Energy crashes happen to the best of us. Keep a granola bar or a bag of pecans or other nuts in your purse to re-boot. A few healthy calories will carry you from one department store to the next for a reasonable amount of time. Good snacks will also curve the sugary temptations calling to you from cookie and pretzel stands.

8. Don’t Wear Layers

don't wear layers

Wear a short or long sleeved tee shirt and a jacket so that trying things on will be infinitely easier. Same goes for bottoms that are easy to slip in and out of. Layering looks nice, but if you have to take everything off and on every time you find something you like, you’re going to stop finding things you like.

7. Perfect Timing


Between mall walkers and evening groups of teens, there are only a few peak hours for hitting the mall when it’s slow. If at all possible, head there on a weekday between 1PM and 5PM, or right when they open on weekends. Keep an eye out for end-of-season sales as these are generally the less frantic times to get a great deal.

6. Smile


Odds are you’re not the only one at the shopping mall who doesn’t want to be there. Smile and take a deep breath even if you don’t feel happy. It’ll relax your whole body and help you focus on the task at hand.

5. Shop Online

shop online

Online shopping has all the benefits of going to a mall, variety and sales, with none of the negatives. No crowds. No pushy sales associates. No bright lights and cruel dressing room mirrors. Plus you can easily compare prices of the same items offered by different stores to get the very best deal. Wait for free shipping sales and say bye-bye to lines and parking lots.

4. Bring a Water Bottle

bring water

Stay hydrated to keep up your mood and energy. Fill a water bottle small enough to fit in your purse. While you’re prepping, charge your cell phone, too. If you’re meeting friends you may need it.

3. Make a Plan

make a plan

You know those “You are here maps” the shopping mall has everywhere? Use it to make a plan and cut out all the impulse detours that typically serve to break your budget. Make a list of the things you need that drove you there in the first place, and make a bee line to these stores.

2. Bring a Sturdy Purse

Barhmin handbags

Stores aren’t really the place for that cute clutch you want to show off. Bring a good handbag that’s big and comfortable to wear on the shoulder so both hands are free. Choose one large enough to hold your wallet, sunglasses and other personal items. If it feels heavy, consider how it’ll feel when your hands are full with bags, and remove some unnecessary weight.

1. Don’t Be a Hero

don't be a hero

Try to buy everything in one trip and you’ll be sorry. Love it or not, shopping takes some time. You have to try things on or at least to a few minutes to decide if you love it, or just like the way it looks on the hanger. If you buy the wrong sizes, colors or style, you’ll only have to go back. Returning things is even less fun. Prioritize what you need and be satisfied when you find a few clothes you adore.

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