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Top 10 Signs He’s Cheating

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

March 5, 2012
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Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

top 10 signs he's cheating secretive

You love him. And you want to trust him…you really do.

But lately, some things just aren’t adding up. Something feels off, and you’re starting to wonder if he’s found someone else.

Whether you’re married, living together or have just been dating for awhile, there are certain signs that suggest that your man might be wandering. Here are our 10 signs he’s cheating … because it’s better to know than to wonder.

10. Your couch potato is hitting the gym

top 10 signs he's cheating gym

Sure those firm new abs look great, but what’s the inspiration? If a friend or family member recently had health issues due to weight, there might be nothing to worry about. But if it’s out of the blue, take note.

If your guy starts making comments about your weight at the same time, there may be something you won’t like behind it. He may be comparing your body to his lover’s.

9. He’s paying attention to his clothes

top 10 signs he's cheating dressing up

As long as you’ve known him, he’s been wearing ratty jeans and old t-shirts around the house. Or shorts or sweats. And even his business attire has always been what he had to wear.

But suddenly, he’s dressing up just to run errands or go out with friends. Or he’s suddenly dressing much better for work. Pay attention. This is one of the most common signs of a man who’s straying.

8. The detail page is missing from the credit card bill

top 10 signs he's cheating credit card

Or maybe the bills stop coming to the house.

If you suddenly hear that he’s having them sent to work or is handling them all online now because it’s easier, ask to see them. If he says no, odds are you have your answer.

7. Overtime is suddenly the norm

top 10 signs he's cheating overtime

It’s one thing if a sudden increase in overtime shows up in a big paycheck. Or if he’s working on a special project. But when the new overtime hours don’t line up, it may be time to check on where he really is during those extra hours.

6. His phone’s inbox is always emptied

top 10 signs he's cheating empty message box

Most of us should empty our text message in-boxes more often. And our e-mail, too. But if your guy suddenly deletes everything or almost everything as soon as it comes in, he’s probably hiding something.

5. He leaves the room to take calls

top 10 signs he's cheating phone

Is your man suddenly whispering into his phone? Leaving the room to answer calls, or looking at you when the phone rings? Getting secretive or nervous about phone calls is a common sign he might be cheating.

4. He starts suggesting that YOU might be cheating

top 10 signs he's cheating accusing her

Sometimes when people are doing things that make them feel guilty, they start accusing their partner of doing the very same thing.

If your husband or boyfriend is suddenly questioning your loyalty without cause, it may be time to ask what he’s feeling guilty about.

3. He becomes more amorous

top 10 signs he's cheating more affectionate

Odd as it seems, many men who cheat become more interested in sex at home. It may be the excitement of the forbidden lover or an attempt to cover the affair up by over compensating.

If your guy goes from pooped to passionate overnight, it might be a sign that he’s stepping out.

2. The business trip hotel room is registered to Mr. and Mrs.

top 10 signs he's cheating business trips

Another business trip? Really? If your guy seems to be logging a lot more miles lately, check the hotel reservation. If it’s for two, you have the information you need.

Not able to see the reservation? Call the hotel desk and ask for the Mrs … if there’s only one person registered to the room, they’ll tell you.

1. He starts mentioning a certain woman

top 10 signs he's cheating talking about new love

It could be a friend. Or someone at church. Maybe a co-worker. But if he starts sprinkling his conversation with mention of what she said or did or wore or thought, pay close attention. In the rush of excitement about a new relationship, many people can’t help talking about their new someone — even to their wife or girlfriend.

There are many reason why people cheat. But whatever the excuse, you have a right to know if your guy is looking elsewhere. One of these signs might not mean much. But if you’re seeing several, your worst fears might right.

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