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Top 10 Signs You Hate Your Job

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 20, 2012
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signs you hate your jobContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Donald Trump and many other successful people have often been quoted as saying: Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.

This is true for anybody, whether they are a celebrity, millionaire, middle-class or just managing to pay the bills. If you are in a job or career that you don’t love, you may find it increasingly difficult to get motivated to work and generally not happy. In contrast, people who love, or even just like the work they do, tend to be happier, more productive, satisfied and content in life. If you feel that your job is making you unhappy or have you stuck in a rut, it might be time to re-evaluate your life goals and what you want out of life. Check out the following top 10 signs you hate your job below to if you display any of the classical warning signs yourself.

10. Sunday terror

Sunday terror

One of the top signs you hate your job is dreading the start of the week when Sunday, the end of the weekend, rolls around. Keep in mind that it is normal and quite common for anybody to want to hold on to the weekend and continue to have fun. However, if you are curled up in a ball crying or experiencing ongoing anxiety about going into work Monday morning – a problem exists.

9. Work to live

Work to live

Working to live can be a good thing for most people if they are content or relatively satisfied with their jobs. However, if you find yourself counting down the days till the weekend – starting every Monday of the week – consistently, it may be a sign you hate your job. Every day in life is valuable and should be enjoyed, so ask yourself if simply making plans during the week will tide you over till the weekend or if your job is really the root of the problem.

8. Complainer


Constantly complaining about work is a sure sign you may hate your job or at least really dislike certain parts of it. Try writing down the things that are bothering you every time you start to complain or get annoyed about something at work. You may notice a pattern of complaints related to some of your co-workers, hours of work, a supervisor or unfair deadlines.

7. Fantasize


Fantasies can be a natural thing to do and can help keep you positive and looking to the future. However, if you are constantly fantasizing about the day you retire and it’s ten, twenty or thirty years away, which may be a sure sign of job hate. Don’t wait until it’s too late to switch careers or live the life you’ve dreamed of.

6. Sleep


Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning that is not related simply to lack of sleep or a medical condition may be a sign that you hate your job. Look for signs such as constantly hitting the snooze button, lying in bed with anxiety or even insomnia where you can’t get to sleep because you can’t get your mind off of work stress.

5. Crying


Strong emotions such as crying are a sign that something is amiss with you and/or your job. If you find yourself crying just thinking about work, it’s time to determine what’s really going on and why you are unhappy. Similarly, running to the bathroom every hour at work to cry is a sign that your job isn’t working for you.

4. Other interests

other interests

Having interests outside of work is essential to growing your mind, character and spirit. However, if you find yourself dreading your job but looking forward to after-hour interests, it may be a sign that you are meant to do something else with your life. Consider making a part-time job or hobby such as writing, baking, painting or researching into your full-time career.

3. Jealously


Jealously is a strong emotion often felt towards people that have better jobs than you and seem to happier all-around. Experiencing jealously is a normal feeling, however if you are jealous of someone to the point of feeling hatred or anxiety towards them, ask yourself what you can do to change these feelings. Ultimately, change has to come from you and no-one else can change your life for you.

2. Ready to quit

Ready to quit

If you go through the day with thoughts of “I’m going to quit right now, today, tomorrow or next week”, you know it’s time to reconsider job choices. Feelings of anxiety, being on edge, anger or losing control while at work are not normal and telling of your need for change.

1. Unhappy


The top sign that you hate your job is if you are generally unhappy and have felt that way for a while since starting your job. Friends and family are ultimately what really matters in life, but for most of us work is a significant life-force and cannot be avoided. If you’re going to spend most of your days working, make sure it’s something that you like or hopefully love.

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