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Top 10 Silly Valentine’s Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 14, 2011
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Contributed by Rose Garland, Info Guru

There are more famous quotations, poems and sayings about love than any other emotion, from Shakespeare to Elizabeth Barrett Browning and everyone in between.

Love may be patient and kind, but it can be silly too. If love weren’t a little silly, no bunny – err, nobody – would have those cute funny nicknames that everyone thinks no one else knows about.

Celebrate the silly, wonderful side of love with these ideas that go beyond the traditional box of chocolates and red roses.

Here are the Top 10 Silly Valentine’s Ideas:

10. Homemade chocolates

Valentine’s hearts are so beautiful, and yet so expected – instead, why not go with the unexpected and make your beloved something unique and personal? Making chocolates is easier than you might expect…just melt and fill the chocolate molds, let it cool and pop them out. But remember, no hearts! Instead, how about ballet slippers with the message “So glad you danced into my life!” Or footballs with a card that says “Yes, this is a pass! Will you go long and be my Valentine?”

Other offbeat chocolates can inspire a Valentine’s laugh … there’s always chocolate undies.

9. Pretend you’re at the beach

Can’t afford a vacation this year? Bring one home. There’s nothing as romantic as a private beach. Put out a towel and a pillow, don your swimsuits and sunhats, and don’t forget your sand bucket. Daiquiri anyone?

8. Hairspray or Rocky Horror Picture Show

Do you remember going to the midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and acting it out? If that’s you, try watching it again and act it out together. You can even provide costumes and a menu based on the movie! (Meatloaf for Rocky Horror, of course!)

7. Get your inner star on

Have a Valentine’s Day party and get everyone in on the act by setting up a Valentine’s photo prop photo shoot. Grab your camera and let everyone pose with their best silly faces.

You can buy preprinted Valentine’s Day backdrops, or make your own with a blow up of a photo of a famous twosome. Or just create a photo booth area with silly props like oversized glasses and big pink boas. I guarantee everyone will ham it up! (Make it even more fun by having everyone post their shots as profile pictures on Facebook. Next year everyone will want to get in on the fun!)

6. Post-its

Robert Browing and Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote love notes to each other for years. Do the same thing, but with post-it notes. Put the post-it’s where you know your Valentine will look, like the bathroom mirror, the window of their car, or on your last soda. You can even kick it off by giving your sweetie a packet of custom imprinted Post-It notes (keep one packet for yourself, of course!) to remind you to start the tradition.

5. Make saucy minx cookies

Anyone can buy a box of candy hearts with pre-written messages, but make your own cookies and you can add whatever saucy messages you want. Just make sure to eat them before any kids see them.

4. Build a love fort

Remember how fun it was to build forts in the living room when you were young? Lots of pillows, and maybe a bottle of the bubbly. Then up the silly factor by playing the funniest songs you can find. Try building one together, and add your own recreational activities amid the laughter!

3. Googly eyes

Googly eyes are about as silly as things get and if you are ga-ga about your Valentine, these will let her know. Buy stick-on googlies from your nearest stationary or craft aisle, and stick them places that are sure to make your sweetie laugh.

2. Serenade

Serenading someone can be sweet… or hilarious. Pick the funniest, most terrible song you know and sing it to your Valentine. You’ve only succeeded if they cry from laughing and still kiss you afterwards. Don’t forget to dress the part!

1. Pick-up lines

Make your Valentine laugh with funny pick-up lines and text or email them to your Valentine all day long. From sweet pick-up lines, “Is your dad a thief or something? Because someone stole the stars and put them into your eyes!,” to the just plain funny ones, “ If you were a new sandwich at Mcdonalds, you’de be called McGorgeous,” there are a lot to choose from.

All of these ideas are from one writer’s imagination, but Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your own fun and creative side. If you have a funny or silly Valentines idea, why not share it here?


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