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Top 10 Smart Bargains Online

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 5, 2011
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One of the top ten smart bargains onlineContributed by Rosemary O’Brien, Top 10 Guru

Do you like a bargain like I like a bargain?

If so, here are a few smart bargains for you to consider before parting with your cold, hard cash.

10. For the scientist in us all

One of the top ten smart bargains online

Once step past the chemistry sets of old, online educational and science supply stores provide all of the doo-dads and gizmos for the budding scientist or hobbyist in your house. Buy a bunch of patterned tops for your elementary school store or find the perfect piece for that robot you got going in the garage. If you can find it online, you probably have to make it yourself from scratch.

9. Book lovers’ delight

One of the top ten smart bargains online

Authors do not like to hear this, but sometimes a printed quantity of books do not sell out. That is bad for the author, but good if you love to read. Look for book closeouts online, which are the remainders the bookstores send back to the publisher or distributor. When they get here, you can get them for a song!

8. Good clothing, cheap

One of the top ten smart bargains online

For those of us who work from home, it’s great to find smart bargains online. They save us money and help us avoid trips to the store. There are lots of good clothing stores online, often with a wider variety of sizes and styles than you will find at a single store, and they carry well-made women’s clothing for reasonable prices. It works out well for casual clothing and even that nice dress for the occasional luncheon or meeting outside the home office.

7. A night at the pictures

One of the top ten smart bargains online

We are so lucky to be able to watch movies cuddled up on the couch. An online video store provides the best selection of new movies, old movies and all the classics. Choose streaming movies and shows on your TV or computer, or opt for DVD’s by mail to watch everything from first run movies to your favorite TV shows.

6. Good stuff at good prices

One of the top ten smart bargains online

I love getting general merchandise catalogs where there are definitely smart bargains. They have all kinds of fun stuff that make my life easier or just fun. Seriously. Where else can you find a caddy that holds your remote, your books and all of your snacks while you’re sitting watching one of the movies you ordered online? These are the things that you will run around for the entire day trying to find at the mall.

5. Weddings on a budget

One of the top ten smart bargains online

Some people just want to get married without all the fuss. Bridal stores online give you that option with all of their smart bargains for bargain-hunting brides-to-be. Almost all of the things that make a wedding great can be found at an online store, from personalized napkins to decorations. You can even order sample invitations before you begin designing yours. And, send links to the friends helping you plan the wedding, no matter where they live, to get consensus on everything from decor to reception favors.

4. Puppies need pampering, too!

One of the top ten smart bargains online

We all love our furry friends, don’t we, but we all know how expensive taking care of them can get. One of the most practical smart bargains I have found is shopping for pet supplies online. You can find all of the vitamins, bedding supplies and even designer groom supplies. So if you want to have Fido’s hair stick up in a Mohawk, you can do it with ease.

3. Uniforms that make working fun

One of the top ten smart bargains online

Three words: Mickey Mouse scrubs. Doesn’t that just say it all? If you search online, you’ll find a tremendous selection of fun apparel for medical professionals, as well as uniforms that make the janitor, the housekeeper or anyone else who has to wear a uniform smile. Never fear, online uniform stores also cater to the more serious among us or those who do not have the choice to fancy-up their work uniform, along with fun or just plain comfortable work shoes.

2. Crafty things for fun times

One of the top ten smart bargains online

The one thing all crafters moan about is the high cost of craft supplies. Buying craft supplies online not only brings low prices and a great selection to your busy little fingers, but also offers Sunshine Crafts has an endless array of things to do, quite frankly. If you like to glue and paste, you can find bulk lots of scrapbooking paper. Is jewelry making your thing? Find an outstanding assortment of beads and jewelry findings. All of the things that make a rainy day fun are here, so get your hands dirty!

1. Good deals in bulk

One of the top ten smart bargains online

Wholesale pricing is the draw at online shopping warehouses. The great part of these sites is that many of them also make gift baskets and other products for the consumer. And if you’re a teacher, even better. Outfitting your classroom for the new school year is easier with their back to school products sold in bulk quantities.

Smart bargains are easy to find if you just do a little digging, but I made it easier for you.
From school supplies to bath and body products, it’s all there. Just take a little time to research. You won’t be sorry when you see how far smart bargains can stretch your dollar making life a little easier – and less expensive!


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