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Top 10 Snacks to Avoid

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 30, 2012
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One of the top ten snacks to avoidContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

A healthy diet plan should consist of three daily meals plus one or two snacks, depending on your personal needs, lifestyle and goals.

Heart healthy snacks play an important role in a diet plan as they prevent you from getting too hungry in between meals which often lead to increased hunger, overeating and poor nutrition habits.

However, not all snacks are created equal and choosing the wrong foods can lead to weight gain and poor health. Here is a list of the top ten snacks to avoid and aid you in staying on the right diet track.

10. Chips

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Store-bought chips are not only high in calories but also a source of saturated fats. Skip the chip aisle and opt for baked chips or make your own from pita bread at home instead.

9. Candy bars

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Candy bars full of sugar which can give us a quick boost when energy levels are flagging. However, energy rises are subsequently followed by crashes, leaving us more tired and craving more sugary foods.

8. Soda pop

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Avoid this beverage when looking for a pick-me-up as its high sugar content may lead to headaches, fatigue and dental cavities.

7. Donuts

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Who hasn’t asked for a donut to go with their mid-morning or afternoon coffee? Keep the coffee, but avoid this diet disaster and bring a piece of fruit or whole-grain crackers from home instead.

6. Pretzels

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Although pretzels are a better snack choice than fried chips, the salted variety is high in salt and refined carbohydrates. Opt for a slice of whole-grain bread or crackers with cheese for your next snack attack.

5. Cookies

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Store-bought and bakery cookies are typically high in calories, saturated fats and also a source of trans-fats. Trans-fats increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol and should be avoided.

4. Lunchables

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Prepackaged lunchable snacks typically contain deli meat, cheese and crackers. However, all these foods are processed foods, meaning they are low in nutrients and high in calories, salt and sugar.

3. Instant soup

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Many companies have produced microwavable soups in a can that are quick to heat up and portable for busy days. Unfortunately, these soups are high in sodium content and sugar which can lead to bloating and weight gain.

2. Granola bars

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Although granola bars have traditionally been touted as a healthy snack alternative, most commercially sold bars are high in sugar and processed ingredients. Lots of them are even covered in chocolate, sugary “yogurt” frostings and other dangerous temptations. Make your own granola bars at home with rolled oats, nuts, seeds and honey for a natural and healthier snack choice.

1. Ice cream

One of the top ten snacks to avoid

Ice cream is high in calories, fats and sugar and should be avoided as a go-to snack. Opt for lower-fat and sugar versions or simply have a small cup of the real stuff as a treat once in a while.

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