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Top 10 Spring Break Shopping Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 23, 2011
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A list of the top ten spring break shopping tips for spring breakersContributed by Missy Nolan, Top 10 Guru

Spring break has finally arrived, which means it’s time to hit the mall for some open-toed shoes and cute dresses in your favorite spring colors.

Whether you’re staying in town or planning a fun spring break vacation, you’ll want to shove your snow boots and fleece jackets to the back of the closet until winter returns.

Spring break shopping trips aren’t always fun, especially if you’re dragging along small children or significant others who would rather be doing something else. Follow these top ten spring break shopping tips below to stay sane while you spend your hard-earned dollars. Of course, you can always shop online and save your spring break excursions for the beach, the park and other points of recreation.

Determined to hit the mall? Here are my top ten spring break shopping tips.

10. Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the top ten spring break shopping tips

Sure, it’s nice to look cute in your boots or high heels, but your feet will be in excruciating pain after a few hours of shopping. Wear tennis shoes, clogs, or flip flops. If you still want to look stylish, pair a glittery pair of flip flops with your favorite skirt or dress.

9. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the top ten spring break shopping trips

Bring an inspiring water bottle or a thermos filled to the brim with ice cold H2O. Make sure to take frequent drinks to avoid getting dehydrated. Yes, you really can get dehydrated just from shopping. I doubt you want to explain that to the paramedics, so drink your water.

8. Pack a snack

Packing a healthy snack is one of the top ten spring break shopping tips

Fill your purse, backpack, or pockets with healthy single serve snacks such as almonds, crackers with peanut butter, carrots, and pretzels. It’ll keep you from wasting all your money on calorie-laden foods at the mall.

7. Take frequent breaks

Take a break from spring break shopping is a tip

Malls and shopping centers have benches, chairs, and couches for a reason. Don’t be afraid to sit down and rest for a minute.

6. Split up

Keeping kids busy and split up is a spring break shopping trip tip

If you are shopping with older children or your significant other, split up for 30 minutes or an hour, then meet back up to shop together. This ensures that everybody gets to spend time together while still getting a chance to look at whatever sparks their interest. It also helps prevent arguments.

5. Be a tourist

Being a tourist is one of the top ten spring break shopping tips

Don your tackiest outfit, complete with oversized shades, and pretend you’re a tourist. Feel free to adopt a fake accent. Encourage your kids or shopping buddies to play along.

4. Buy souvenirs

Spend a spring break shopping trip shopping for souvenirs from your own home town

Sick of hearing about all the fun places everybody is going for spring break while you’re stuck at home? Buy postcards and other memorabilia from your own city. Mail the postcards, and give the souvenirs to your friends when they return. “Oh, you bought me a shot glass from Cancun? Wait until you see the awesome gift I got you on my vacation”. Keep a straight face as you present your friend with the souvenir you bought them on your “vacation”.

3. Keep the kids entertained

A crowded mall offers many opportunities for entertainment on spring break shopping trips

Keep your children (and maybe your husband) entertained by making shopping fun. Have them see who can find the most women wearing green shirts or shopping bags from a particular place. The winner gets a gift card to their favorite store.

2. Avoid peak periods

Shopping alone is one of the top ten spring break shopping tips

Want to shop in peace and quiet? Avoid shopping centers or retail establishments on weekends or weeknights. Monday morning is usually the best time if you want to beat the crowds.

1. Burn calories while you shop

Mall walking with the kids is one of the top spring break shopping tips

Spring break means that summer is right around the corner. You want to look hot in your bikini or swim trunks, right? Make every shopping trip count. Power walk around the car. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Park in the spot furthest from the entrance.


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