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Top 10 Summer Dress Up Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 5, 2012
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summer dress tipsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The warm and sunny days of summer typically inspires people to brighten up their wardrobe with fun and stylish clothing.

Pack up heavy winter clothing in favor of lighter, fun and playful summer clothing that leave you feeling refreshed and fashionable. Try a few or more of the following top ten summer dress up tips for your next day out in the sun or warm night out on the town.

10. Keep it cool and light

cool and light

Stay cool and look cool on warm summer days by dressing in light fabrics and loose-fitting dresses and clothing. Light colors will also help to reflect the sun rather than absorb it which leaves you sweating.

9. Hats on


A top summer dress up tip is to add a wide-brimmed hat to your wardrobe. The hat not only protects you from harsh sun rays but also adds a playful touch to a khaki and tank look.

8. Neutral Tanks


Tanks are one of the most versatile summer clothing pieces you should have in your closet. They can be worn to work during the day under a blazer and with a sexy pair of jeans by night.

7. Classic tee

classic t

Classic summer t-shirts are a staple for any summer wardrobe. Plain white tee’s can be worn with jeans or trousers while bold colors add a fun, flirty pop of color.

6. Simple


Avoid complex fashion styles or extra layering during the summer. Rather, keep summer dress up to a minimum by keeping it simple with lightweight clothing that’s easy to wear, like simple tee shirts and summer dresses.

5. Feminine and flirty

woman in red and black sundress

Summer is a great time to show off your feminine side with flirty, fun dresses. Don’t be afraid of a bit of ruffle, a delicate touch of lace or a bold pattern. After a winter of hiding it all under sweaters and turtlenecks, you deserve a chance to look like a girl again.

4. Shoes

summer wedge

Accessorize your summer wardrobe with flirty shoes such as trendy wedge with a knee-length skirt or natural material in wedges with skinny jeans and a camisole.

3. Neutrals


Add a feminine vibe to your summer dress-up with soft, creamy neutral colors. Tunics and dresses in creamy colors can be worn by day or night and have a classic, but comfortable appeal.

2. Neons


Neon is a hot color trend this season so add it to your summer wardrobe with the addition of bright yellow and green handbags, tops or shoes. Pair with neutral colors such as a cream, navy or white to avoid color-clashing.

1. Soft-fit cotton capris

cotton capris

Get comfort and style with a super-soft pair of cotton drawstring capris. Dressier than shorts, but still cool enough for steamy summer days, these pants will take you from the beach to dinner with just a change of top and shoes.


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