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Top 10 Sunday School Craft Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 5, 2011
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Top ten Sunday school craftsContributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Memories of Sunday School are some of the sweetest pieces of childhood.

And one of the most lasting memories are of making Sunday School crafts — those simple projects are wonderful tools for teaching little children about God and their faith.

If you’re looking for some new Sunday School craft ideas, here are our top 10 choices. Some would work for a variety of religions. Others are focused more specifically on Christian lessons, others on Jewish or Muslim Sunday School classes.

10. Passover Matzah covers (Jewish)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

This is a project that grows with the age of the children. Preschoolers can decorate squares of cloth with felt shapes and letters while elementary school children can use washable paints and markers to create original designs. Middle and high school age kids can use tie dye, embroidery or fabric paints to turn their covers into works of art.

9. Draw-the-Scripture books (All)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

A simple notebook or some blank pages stapled or sewn together can form a book in which the children draw their version of the week’s scripture story. Let the children decorate the covers with stickers or drawings. At the end of the school year, the book will become a keepsake for the children to take home and look through again and again.

8. Christmas trees for the birds (Christian)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Sharing the joy of Christmas with animals is something most children love. Even young children can string fruit-colored cereal on brightly colored yarn to make colorful Christmas tree decorations that are perfect for decorating bushes and low trees around the church. Then the birds and other animals can share in the Christmas celebration. Older children can add to the feast with pine cones covered in peanut butter then rolled in bird seed.

7. Five times a day (Muslim)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

For children, especially little ones just learning about time, understanding the five daily prayer times in Islam can be difficult. Letting children create a comic strip with characters doing or seeing something that happens at the same time as each prayer is a good Muslim Sunday School craft. Start with a sheet of paper with five large squares on it. Preschoolers could choose from pre-printed pictures and glue one in each square. Older children could draw their own reminders into each square.

6. The creation story (All)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Get children involved in the creation story with a collage representing the days of creation. Divide large pieces of paper into 7 sections. Let children use magazines and newspapers to find pictures that represent what God created on each day. For the seventh day, have them find pictures that show reverent Sabbath activities.

5. The 10 Commandments (All)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Make 10 commandment mobiles from large round price tags, popsicle sticks and yarn. Have the children write the number on one side of each tag, and a short version of each commandment on the other side (for instance, “Don’t steal” or “Don’t kill”). Let them decorate their art with stickers, glitter, or markers.

4. Palm Sunday branches of gratitude (Christian)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Draw palm branches with fronds on green construction paper, and then let the children cut out the palm branches. Help them write something on each frond that they are grateful for at Easter time.

3. The Kosher food basket (Jewish)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Give each child a picture of a shopping basket. On another paper, have pictures of all kinds of food. Have the children color the food, and then cut out and paste only the Kosher foods onto their basket. Talk about what makes something Kosher (like eggs or apples) and what makes other things not Kosher (like ham or shrimp.)

2. Model of the Kaba (Muslim)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

Provide each child with a cardboard box. Have them cover the box with black felt, paint or paper, then add gold or yellow to create the trim at the top and the doors.

1. Noah’s Ark (All)

Top ten Sunday school crafts

This favorite story is a natural for a Sunday School craft. Make or by a paper ark. Have children color and cut our animals and then add them to the ark, while you talk about Noah and his family.

Keep it simple

Sunday School crafts don’t have to be expensive or fancy or difficult. They just need to teach a spiritual lesson in a way words alone cannot. Get creative with your Sunday school projects, and watch the fun – and learning – grow.

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