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Top 10 Super Sweet 16 Parties

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 15, 2011
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A list of the top ten super sweet sixteen partiesContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Sweet 16 Parties have become, over the years, more like a wedding and less like a 16 year olds birthday party.

Now they are full-blown events with catered menus, entertainment concerts and much more. Here are some extravagant ideas for those that are planning a Sweet 16 Party that surely no one will forget!

Here are some great contenders for the top ten super sweet sixteen parties:

10. Luau party

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

Complete with a roasted pig and the fixings, a luau party is a great party to have if you live close to the beach. Decorate with leis and palm trees and get in the mood to party with Hawaii inspired non-alcoholic cocktails!

9. Slumber party

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

A fun and different idea, throw a slumber party in nature! It’s like camping but with the comforts of home. Have guests bring comfy sleeping bags, overnight gear and warm jammies. Build a fire, roast marshmallows and tell stories.

8. Flower power party

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

Nothing says party like the hippies and their flowers and peace signs. Invitations should detail about what to wear: bright, flowing fabrics, an abundance of peace signs and vibrant colors. Tell guests to come with an open mind to experience the world!

7. Alice in Wonderland

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

A great costume party, where details are the key. Make sure to have the Queen’s Rose Garden, as well as maybe a white rabbit running around the floor. A tea party with varied cups adds to the fun and maybe an area where items are smaller to make you feel bigger in size!

6. Black and white party

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

Divide the room into sides, one black and one white. Your guests, depending on what color their apparel will be divided into color coded groups. Have foods of both colors to go with your party idea.

5. Beach party

beach decor

Bring beach decor to your party with a side of sanded floor, some palm trees and make sure to turn up the heater to get a feeling of the heat in the tropics. Serve fresh fruit kabobs, as well as mocktails from passion fruit and oranges. If you decorate with as many beach balls as you can, you bring in a fun interactive detail to the party.

4. Masquerade Ball

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

A costume ball none the less, a masquerade ball is elegant and refined, with jesters and a queen with her king. Thrones and crowns with masks all around, make this party more like an act right out of a play. Make sure your guests stay by offering great eats; you’ll be the hostess with the best party around!

3. Mardi Gras

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

Mardi Gras isn’t all about the costumes and beads, it’s the food that also makes this a great event: King’s Cake and a Crawfish Boil should get your fix of New Orleans food culture. Have a Jazz band playing to the side as entertainment.

2. Destination party

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

If your budget allows, plan a getaway and celebrate with your closest friends and family in this new adventure. Cancun, Mexico is a great option because it’s close enough, the party scene is fun and the food is great!

1. Cruise

One of the top ten super sweet sixteen parties

Sweet 16 Cruises are the way to go if you want to celebrate with hundreds of others celebrating. The cruise will have special events for the birthday people, as well as formal dinners and fun events. The great thing about this choice is that planning on your side is minimal, as they take care of every detail for you!

Remember, parties are to have fun! Don’t stress if everything isn’t exactly what you wanted or requested! It’s all about celebrating another year of life!

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