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Top 10 Surfer Dude Fashions

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 14, 2011
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One of the top ten surfer dude fashionsContributed by Cara Hartley, Top 10 Guru

You wanna look bananas and attract the beach bunnies this summer, right?

Don’t get bent with the same saggin’ baggies you were rockin’ in high school, dudes.

Avoid copping a Philbin and hang loose in some of this season’s most bitchin’ new duds. Here are our top ten surfer dude fashions:

10. Jamaica, mon

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Nothing says “take it easy” more than reggae inspired gear. Rock your red, green and yellow stripes in t-shirt form, or show the world your mellow side as you cruise down the boardwalk on a Marley-inspired skateboard in your Jamaica shorts with your Marley t and a pair of Kingston-style shades.

9. Boardshorts

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Boardshorts are crucial to looking fly all summer long. Highly variegated, boardshorts can be worn while swimming, surfing, skating, or whenever you’re just chilling at a rager on the beach.

8. Tanks

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

What better way to show off your killer biceps than a sleeveless shirt? Even if you’re not totally ripped, a hip tank is still the best way to keep cool, and requires the confidence that honeys dig.

7. Flannels

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Although flannels might not be the first item to pop to mind when considering beach wear, these grunge inspired staples are still as hip as ever, and perfect for those breezy evenings on the shore.

6. Sandals

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Flops are essential beach wear; tennis shoes just don’t cut it in the sand. So give yourself a pedi (yes you, surfer dude) and get those toes ready for summer, because easy-to-wear surf sandals are the only way to go when it comes to beach time.

5. Sunglasses

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Excessive blinking is a poor cure for the inevitable beach day hangover. Don’t let the wicked beams of the sun bum you out! Snag a pair of boss shades and no one ever has to know about the multiple keg stands you did last night.

4. Watches

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Time can get away from you when you’re laying out with your homies and a cooler full of brewskis. Avoid losing your job or ditching and subsequently alienating your friends and fam with a fashionable and waterproof divers watch.

3. Backpacks

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Dry clothes, snacks, a couple of beers, car keys, wallet, ipod… you need something to put all your gear in, and that lime green Jansport that you lug your textbooks around in is not going to do the trick. Fortunately there is a wide array of sweet backpacks available that are both functional and stylish.

2. Headphones

One of the top ten surfer dude fashions

Audiologists warn about the detrimental effects of ear buds. Keep your hearing and your chichi in tip top shape with a pair of slick headphones.

1. Beach poncho or pullover

One of the top ten surfer dude fashion looks

Not just for surfer chicks, surfer dudes know that a poncho is the slick solution to heavy rays. Don’t let a bogus sunburn keep you from hitting the surf. Look for a tribal print pullover to protect your skin. A beach poncho will keep your most burnable parts protected, and allow you to get your glide on without subjecting yourself to further damaging rays.


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