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Top 10 Things Every Man Should Know When Shopping With His Better Half

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 17, 2010
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Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

Shopping with your better half is never easy, but these tips can make it closer to a bonding experience than a chore.

Not knowing your way around the mall, much less the dressing room, can make you less than a perfect partner, and leave you vulnerable to a whole slew of bad things. Most of them financial. Raise your Sunday beer mug to a Saturday of good-sportsmanship at the mall, and see how much love you inspire.

10. Do your homework

Read InStyle Magazine. You can get all kinds of ideas about what’s hot and what’s trendy. You will look like a hero when you comment on colors and specific designers.

9. Start with cocktails

Take your girlfriend or wife out for a few martinis first. It makes the sale rack look so much more attractive.

8. Be her personal shopper

As your better half is trying on clothes, keep tossing items over the dressing room door. Tell her to try this and that on. You have control of pricing that way.

7. Run interference

Don’t leave her alone with sales staff as they can break your bank. Run interference between her and the sales person and comment on how you read InStyle and know what to look for.

6. Understand sizes

Never pick up or bring her a XL. Let her be the one to ask for a larger size. Remember “One size” means “One size fits almost no one”.

5. Use your words

When she steps out of the dressing room use words like : Hot, sexy, wow, cute and OMG. This keeps her happy and perhaps the sales total down as well.

4. Understand strategy

When she says “Which color should I get?” you say…………”Get all 3 colors.” Most women will, we hope, just pick one.

3. Show off your skills

Don’t be afraid to let your football buddies know that you know the difference between DG and Gucci. So what if you are “Metro Sexual?” It sure beats being broke on football-Sunday after a Saturday of mall shopping without you.

2. Know your brands

Know your brands. Remember 9 West is not 9 dollars. Burberry is not a jelly. Stuart Weitzman is not a personal injury lawyer. Manolo is not a Cuban drink. Chopard is not sold at the jewelery kiosk in the mall courtyard. Sephora is not a Walgreens outlet.

1. Plan ahead

Forget your wallet at home. Bring cash. You can control the spending limit that way — and she has to drive.

Be a strategically excellent shopping buddy for your better half and life will go smoothly. She might even brag about you to her friends. Dropping a comment on their designer heels every once in awhile gets your extra shopping points.


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