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Top 10 Things To Do During Summer

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 11, 2012
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what to do in summerContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

For most people, summer is easily favored as the best season of the year because of the beautiful weather.

In addition to warm and hot temperatures, summer is also a season of color stemming from its blue skies and green grasses. Kids enjoy summer because they are let out of school for the year while adults often take time off work during this warm season to enjoy vacation and holiday times. The number of activities to do during summer are endless and range from simple, inexpensive, fun, lazy, athletic and planned events.

Consider the following top ten things to during summer and put them on your own to-do list for a wonderful season!

10. Beach day

beach day

Summer is the best — and probably only — time of year in most countries, that you can hit the beach. Take a free day off of work or a weekend to go to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing. If you’re spending your day in the sand solo, then indulge in a good book while reading in the shade. Alternatively, if traveling with friends and family start up a game of beach ball, sand volleyball or toss a Frisbee around.

9. Swimming


Swimming is an ideal beach activity that tops the list of things to do during summer. This could even be the summer you learn to surf. However, you don’t have to have access to an actual beach or the ocean to partake in the cool activity. Rather, try swimming in a freshwater lake or hit up the community recreational pool for some fun and fitness and the chance to beat the summer heat.

8. Vacation


Vacations are special any time of the year, but the summer is a particularly good time to schedule a holiday in order to take advantage of beautiful weather. Buy a family-size tent and schedule a week or two-week long family vacation to go camping, find a beach resort or find a theme-park destination such as Disney World.

7. Stay-cation


Vacations are great, but they can also be costly and expensive depending on where you go and your money funds. Consider a stay-cation, or a stay-at-home vacation, that lets you stay at home while still taking time away from work or other responsibilities. Use this time to do activities you enjoy such as gardening and planning next season’s catalog purchases, watching movies or even completing outside tasks such as painting the house. Enjoy pertinent day outings near your own home by hiking local trails or pulling out your inflatable kayak for some fun exercise on the local creek or river.

6. Water activities

water sports

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy water activities whether it’s in a river, lake or ocean. The water offers more than just the chance to swim however with sailing, paddle-boarding, surfing, canoeing and even white-water rafting!

5. Fishing


Catch your own dinner by going fishing this summer in a lake, pond or river with the newest fly fishing gear. If you don’t have a boat to get out in the middle of the water, simply throw out a line from land where you have the chance to catch smaller fish such as trout that can be fried up with a fresh salad and boiled potatoes for a filling meal.

4. Camping


Dig out your tent and camping supplies and get ready to spend a night or weekend in the great outdoors with friends and/or family. Camping is a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and settle into a simpler life for a few days as you build your own fires, go fishing and heat up baked beans for dinner.

3. Road-trips


Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan when it comes to things to do during summer. Why not try taking a few spontaneous road-trips during free weekends or scheduled days off work? Grab a friend and drive to a nearby town that’s less than three hours away to take in the sights or go shopping.

2. Barbecues


There is no better time of year to enjoy a back-yard barbecue than the summer-time. Make it a party by inviting friends and family members over for an afternoon of evening of fun over food and laughter. Ask guests to bring a side-dish or drinks to serve alongside grilled steaks or burgers, salads, dips and desserts.

1. Park


The park is a fun place for both kids and adults particularly during the summer. Take advantage of a beautiful, warm day by walking or driving to a nearby park that has swings, slides and sand-boxes for kids to play in. Don’t forget to pack a picnic so you can enjoy snacks or dinner of sandwiches and cold refreshments after a day of fun in the sun.

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