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Top 10 Things to Do Inside

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 17, 2011
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Top ten things to do insideContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Being outdoors is great and a healthy for humans, particularly when the weather is lovely and you aren’t required to dodge rain, sleet, snow or hail.

However, we also spend a lot of time inside, both though choice and necessity. Your inside time can be fun and eventful. Here are the top 10 things to do inside:

10. Have a séance

Top ten things to do inside

Come on, you know you’re dying to hear from your late great-grandmother or that boyfriend of yours who kicked the bucket before he had a chance to formally say good-bye. And who knows…you might discover a new talent as a psychic medium in the process.

9. Avoid sunlight

Top ten things to do inside

This is for the vampire population. We really hope that this faction doesn’t exist but if it does … Get some light blocking curtains and hang them in front of your windows. This will assure you of darkness. Of course you’ll need a casket. Stay put in the house, sleeping, until the sun goes down and the moon comes and then you can go about your business. Yum yum.

8. Indoor games

Top ten things to do inside

Cuddle up by a cozy fire and play board games with your family. Spread out on the dining room table and do a giant puzzle. Engage in a game of chess for brain-challenging indoor time. This pastime never gets old. It can get quite competitive but it’s always fun and guaranteed to make you laugh.

7. Hide out

Top ten things to do inside

If you’re on the lam from the law, lay low in your house. Pull the blinds. Turn off the lights. Lock the doors. Go to the basement.

6. Work on the computer

Top ten things to do inside

Your laptop goes with you, out and about, but working on your computer at home is how many of you spend your time. You may be actually working or you may be networking with friends or shopping. The computer keeps us connected to the outside world, even when we’re safe and cozy in our homes.

5. Watch TV

Top ten things to do inside

This is probably America’s # 1 pastime and, although some should cut back on their TV viewing because there are other things in life that one can pursue there is nothing wrong with kicking back in the evening and watching some good shows, particularly those that make you laugh or think or even cry. Treat yourself to a great big 3-D television to make watching even the reruns exciting, and you might never go outside again!

4. Sex

That’s why God invented bedrooms. Okay, sure, you can take it outside, and that’s okay, just don’t get arrested for indecent exposure, or you can move to other rooms but, please, only if the children aren’t around. Don’t trust that they’ll sleep through that. You don’t want to be caught with your drawers down by a curious five year old asking what you’re doing. Exercise judgment.

3. Interior decorating

One of the top ten things to do inside

Get paint chips and fabric swatches and come up with a plan. Undertake a renovation. Do one room at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed. Even if you don’t actually re-decorate you will still have a good time looking at paint colors and fabrics. You can always dream about doing it.

2. Eat

One of the top ten things to do inside

You can cook on campfires or get fast food or go to any number of restaurants but cooking and then eating the fruits of your labor is your own home, preferably in a wonderful kitchen that has all of the state-of-the-art gadgets and appliances. It’s time to gather round the dining room table and chow down!

1. Sleep

One of the top ten things to do inside

Of course you can sleep anywhere but most people prefer sleeping in the comfort of their own bedroom, with the blankets and throws, pillows, sheets and bedspreads that they love and find so cuddly, and maybe a kid or two or a dog tossed into the equation. Sweet dreams.

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