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Top 10 Things to Do on Valentines Day

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

January 11, 2012
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Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

February 14th is coming up fast, and your sweetheart is the best thing that ever happened to you.

So how do you tell that special someone just how much they mean to you? Here are 10 great things to do on Valentines Day to say “I love you.”

10. Send a card

things to do for valentines day

Yes, Valentine’s Day cards are standard fare. But this Valentine’s Day do it better. Make your own card (artistic ability does not count), mail one for every day of February or cover the front door with hundreds of tiny Valentines. Be creative!

9. Plan a special day out

things to do for valentines day

Make the whole day a celebration by planning a special day out. Pick activities you and your sweetheart will both enjoy. Depending on where you live, plan a day of skiing, swimming in the ocean, hiking, shopping or whatever will bring a smile to your darling’s face.

8. Start a scrapbook

things to do for valentines day
Gather your photos and memorabilia and spend some time creating scrapbook pages to celebrate your love. Keep the scrapbook where you can look at it and add to it after Valentine’s Day, too.

7. Dedicate a song

things to do for valentines day
Call or e-mail your local radio station and ask them to dedicate a song to your special someone. Then make sure your sweetheart is listening.

6. Prepare a special meal

things to do for valentines day
A romantic meal is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Serve your beloved breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch or a candlelit dinner. Not a cook? Get everything you need from your favorite restaurant, then arrange it on pretty plates.

5. Buy a gift

things to do for valentines day
From diamond necklaces to teddy bears, your choice in Valentine’s gifts is limited only by your imagination (OK, also your budget.) But no matter how much or how little you spend, pick a gift that’s all about your sweetheart.

4. Read a love poem

things to do for valentines day
Long or short, traditional or modern, reading a love poem to your sweetie is one of the most memorable things to do on Valentine’s Day. Find Valentine’s poems online, or write one of your own.

3. Watch a romantic movie

things to do for valentines day
A cozy couch, soft lights, tasty snacks and a romantic movie for two. What could be better for your Valentine’s evening?

2. Dance

things to do for valentines day
Go to your favorite club and dance the night away. Or take a radio or iPod and speakers to the beach and have a special dance at the water’s edge. Dance in the living room or the snow. Just dance.

1. Write a love note

things to do for valentines day
Of all the things to do on Valentine’s Day, writing and delivering a love note to your beloved is one of the most romantic. Don’t worry about your writing skills…just write what you feel. Remember, this is about your love.

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