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Top 10 Things to Make at Home

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 5, 2011
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One of the top ten things to make at homeContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Home is where the heart is.

Home is where you live. Home is where everything happens.

If you want to stay at home more and yet continue to make money or you want to have more fun while at home here at the top 10 things you can make (happen!) at home:

10. Peace

One of the top ten things to make at home

Make … up. Stop fighting with your “better half.” Shake hands, agree to disagree, smooch, apologize and get on with it.

9. Music

One of the top ten things to make at home

If you love to play the piano and your friend plays the acoustic drums and your neighbor is wild on the bongos and your second cousin once removed can play the trumpet like nobody’s business invite them to your home on a regular basis and make music. Make up songs. Write lyrics. You may ultimately want to take it on the road (and your neighbors may also want you to) and end up making some cash from something that you love to do and which isn’t like work at all.

8. Trouble

One of the top ten things to make at home

If you’re gonna make trouble, keep it behind closed doors and do it at home. What happens at home stays at home. And keep it down. You don’t want the neighbors reporting you for disturbing the peace.

7. Progeny

One of the top ten things to make at home


6. Friends

One of the top ten things to make at home

Make time or … , in other words, get involved in a little romance. You know that guy you have been eyeballing, well invite him over for a game of … “chance” Use your best maneuvers. We know you’ve got them, somewhere, hidden under that shy girl exterior.

5. Garden

One of the top ten things to make at home

Start an Italian herb garden from seed or vegetable garden in your back yard or extend your growing season with an easy-to-maintain greenhouse. You not only will be creating and making your own food, which is a pretty cool feeling, but you will be feeding your family nutritionally (and deliciously) as well as inexpensively but if you want you can sell your produce. People flock to farmers’ markets for fresh vegetables and fruits. Learn how to can and give (or sell) your canned goods to people who are just dying for some garden food in January.

4. Textiles

One of the top ten things to make at home

Learn to weave. Get a weaving loom, take a course, and start making beautiful shawls for yourself and friends or sell them. Shawls and items of this nature are top draws at flea markets. Create a cottage industry. Anything is possible in this day and age because of our instant access to the rest of the world via the Internet, cell phones, texting, tweeting and Skyping. What you make today may be on its way to Bora Bora tomorrow.

3. Bath stuff

One of the top ten things to make at home

Make bath salts, bathfizz bombs or candles. Learn how to craft pottery and then sell your creations. Sell them at a local flea market or farmer’s market or set yourself up an online business. You can do every bit of this from home. Of course your new endeavor may turn what was once kitchen into a workshop but … what the heck? Get your food from McDonald’s.

2. Great food

One of the top ten things to make at home

If you’re a super gourmet and everyone loves your cuisine why not go into the catering business. You can do this at home. Of course, you may HAVE to have a NEW gourmet kitchen. Dangle some dollars signs in front of your spouse’s eyes—see how much money I could be making from home if I just had— and then list your needs. It might fly.

1. Money

One of the top ten things to make at home

Of course, this doesn’t mean literally making money. Counterfeiting will get you in a heap of trouble. But you can make money from home. There are uber opportunities to earn a living without leaving your house now that the Internet makes that possible. If you are a writer there are telecommuting jobs out there that pay decently and will keep you out of the bread line or enhance your day job income. Go to some job sites and test the waters. You might be pleasantly surprised by what is available. And remember, any job that you can do with your jammies on is a GREAT job.


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