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Top 10 Things to Make Yourself

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 16, 2012
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things to make yourselfContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The days of building and crafting everyday things are back thanks in part to the wealth of free tutorials available online and through mobile apps.

This is a creative option to save money, and a simple way to reduce toxins in your home environment. If you have kids, teaching them your DIY ways will help instill a love of craftsmanship and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Check out these top 10 things to make yourself and see what strikes your imagination!

10. Candles


Candles add a calming atmosphere to a room, or a romantic touch to a dinner table. They’re also good company when reading a book or relaxing in the tub, but they can be pretty pricey. Create DIY candles by melting beeswax, setting a wick and pouring it in a mold or Mason jar. Scent them naturally with the rinds of citrus fruits and enjoy the energizing, fresh smells every night.

9. Beer


Beer and wine are usual suspects on lists of things to make yourself because it’s a doable challenge. You can even make organic beer, provided you buy or grow organic ingredients. Read books like ‘How to Brew’ by John Palmer and browse brewers’ forums online for tips from veteran beer aficionados.

8. Clothes


Sewing your own clothes will win you props with crafty gals everywhere. Start out easy with a simple project like a small apron or doll clothes and use a pattern. As you get comfortable with basic sewing skills, try a mini skirt or basic slip dress. You can find all sorts of fabric, notions and sewing patterns online, including vintage styles.

7. Easy Meals

Easy Meals

Many people factor eating out into their monthly entertainment budget. It’s a great treat after a long week, and a fun way to celebrate good news or get to know new friends. But like all good things, it’s best done in moderation. You’ll probably eat a whole lot healthier if you learn a handful of easy, nutritious meals to make at home. From simple paella recipes, to tacos and Asian stir-fries, delicious homemade food is a big money saver.

6. Gifts


Homemade gifts can be extremely touching when given to someone who will appreciate it. For the holidays or cold season birthdays, knit someone special a scarf or hat. Choose thick, soft wool so it won’t itch and give yourself a month or two so you don’t have to rush it. Young kids can craft coupons for a massage or bonus chore like helping dad wash the car. Wood workers can construct picture frames, bird feeders and book shelves.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

If the motivation behind finding things to make yourself is in response to all the unpronounceable chemicals on so many household products, this one’s for you. has a full tutorial on creating your own non-toxic cleaning kit. With a little baking soda, vinegar spray bottles and a few simple things, your home will stay just as clean minus the chemical smells.

4. Cards


DIY greeting cards are the gateway craft. It starts with a sweet construction paper Mother’s Day card and soon the kids are drawing spooky pumpkins and dancing hearts for Valentine’s Day. This is a good thing! Constructing greeting cards is a creative outlet for kids, and simple craft adults can do in their spare time with a few art supplies.

3. Playdough (Play-doh)

Playdough (Play-doh)

The little ones cannot resist sticking this colorful stuff in their mouths so you may as well make sure it’s non-toxic. As noted in the tutorial: the high salt content means they shouldn’t each much of it, and pets shouldn’t eat any. This Instructables recipe is fool-proof and will have your kids occupied in no time.

2. Compost


Compost is easy to make on your own, and a natural complement to organic gardening. Before you get started, do a little reading on organic composting. Sunset magazine shares the secrets to the perfect compost, and you can find a number of books and magazines to give you to simple DOs and DON’Ts.

1. Produce


Tired of reading about pesticides in your food? Starting a garden is a great way to reduce the number of toxins in your diet. It also saves you money on buying organic at the grocery store. Start with the twelve foods that hold the highest amount of pesticide residue, a.k.a. ‘The New Dirty Dozen’. These include apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, bell peppers and kale.


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