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Top 10 Things to Wear in Church

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 15, 2012
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Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

As soon as someone utters the phrase “Sunday best”, we all know exactly what they mean. It’s our best clothes, best shoes and best accessories.

But with the move to more a more casual look in clothing, it can be confusing the know what are thing to wear in church now. How dressy is too dressy, and how casual is too far in the other direction?

Of course, it depends on your church and the area where you live. But if you want to look your Sunday best, here’s my take on the top ten things for women and men to wear to services next Sunday.

10. An awesome hat for women

top 10 things to wear in church womens hats

Some people might think a woman wearing a big, beautiful hat to church is over the top. But a lovely woman’s hat the perfect way to set off any outfit, and what better place than church to show your very best. With even the Royals in England sporting beautiful church hats every Sunday, it is an old norm that deserves a serious revival.

9. Dramatic hats for men

Sure, most churches will require a man to remove his hat when he comes inside, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be wearing one on the way in, and don it again as he leaves.

A classic fedora makes any man look more elegant and pulled-together, and is a wonderful way to make dressing for church a little more special.

8. A women’s suit

womans sunday suit

What could be more elegant than a woman’s Sunday suit?

A suit combines the feminine look of a dress with a coordinating jacket — just perfect for chilly sanctuaries or the walk from the car to the church. And suits flatter almost every figure, making them a wonderful choice for women of all ages and body types. Select a two or three piece suit, with a skirt or pants to make dressing up for Sunday something to look forward to.

7. A men’s suit

top 10 things to wear in church mens suit

Oh, a man in a suit! Even if your style is confirmed casual the rest of the week, wearing a suit to church on Sunday is a powerful way to say this day … and this place … are something special.

If possible, don’t settle for an off-the-rack suit which might not fit well. Get a special two or three piece suit tailored to fit you comfortably for standing and sitting.

6. A dress

top 10 things to wear in church dress

If a Sunday suit seems like too much for your church, or your style, a Sunday dress is the perfect option. Dresses have been one of the most popular things to wear in church for years.

Choose a dress that’s flattering without being too flashy. Not sure if your dress is church appropriate? Put it on and look in the mirror. Could you wear that dress to a club or dance? If the answer is yes, it’s not the right choice for church. Watch the length, too. A too-short dress could become awkward as you slide into the pew, or when you stand up and sit down during worship.

5. A dress shirt and tie

top 10 things to wear in church mens shirt and tie

Suits aren’t the right choice for every man, or for every church. But you can still look well-dressed and appropriate for a house of worship in a nice dress shirt, dress pants and tie. Select a men’s dress shirt that fits well without coming untucked or billowing out. A classic silk tie and nice trousers complete the look.

4. Nice heels

>top 10 things to wear in church heels

A beautiful pair of heels are perfect for church. Coordinate your shoes with your dress or Sunday suit, or select a versatile neutral that works well with a variety of outfits. Make sure you can walk well in your heels, and comfortably stand during hymns or prayers. Falling off your heels or limping out with a blister isn’t the kind of Sunday experience you want to have.

3. Dress shoes for men

top 10 things to wear in church mens dress shoes

Yes, I know sneakers and flip flops are comfortable. But if you’re dressing up for church, make sure your shoes are as special as the rest of your clothing. Complete your suit or shirt and tie with a nice pair of men’s dress shoes.

Choose something designed for comfort on the inside and style on the outside, and you might not miss those sneakers at all!

2. A handkerchief

top 10 things to wear in church dress handkerchiefs

No, it’s technically not something you wear. But a fine handkerchief is something you’ll want to make sure you have when you head off to church. Pulling a wad of tissues out of a pocket or purse, or opening noisy tissue packets during a sermon is unnecessary if you include a linen or cotton handkerchief with your Sunday outfit. Select a monogrammed handkerchief for even more style and personality.

1. A great purse

top 10 things to wear in church purse

Even on a Sunday, a lady needs her purse. But instead of using the same old purse, why not have a special Sunday-only purse that you just carry to church. Select a purse to match your shoes, or opt for a flexible neutral like black patent leather.

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