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Top 10 Tips for Entering Pinterest Contests

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 15, 2012
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entering pinterest contestsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Another social media site has entered the ring to vie for our attention, and many of us can’t get enough of it.

Pinterest contests make the site even more addictive, but they also present opportunities to win money, fun vacations and other prizes. More and more companies are experimenting with Pin to Win campaigns so now’s the time to get a little competitive.

These ten tips will help you gain an edge on fellow pinners. Whether the challenge is to help spread the word about a new product or show creative ways to use an old favorite, paying attention to details pays off.

10. Make a List

Make a List

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a little more complicated for companies to run competitions on. You’ll notice there’s a rather long list of directions in order to enter many. Don’t rely on your memory here. Print the contest or write out a list of instructions. The blog and contest winner Mommifried advises you to always read the fine print.

9. Track Entries

Track Entries

While most contests collect your email address, others will notify you through the account you entered. Make a simple excel chart with the names of contests, deadlines and dates of winner announcements. Be sure to logon when it’s time to check for any good news. You never know!

8. Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated

Entering Pinterest contests should be enjoyable, but they can feel like a chore after an unwinning stretch. Keep up the momentum by creating a dream board filled with all the things you’d love to win. Home goods, vacations, cars – tell the Pin-universe what you really really want and prepare to receive, as advised in the best-selling book The Secret.

7. Search Often

Search Often

Things move very fast in the online world. No longer do competitions stay open for months at a time as short deadlines imbue a sense of urgency. Make a habit of searching the site with the phrase “pin to win” at least once a week so you don’t miss anything.

6. Take Great Photos

Take Great Photos

When the clothing company Roxy held a Pinterest contest, they had entrants post their own photos related to surfing. This theme was consistent with their brand and naturally attracted a number of people with gorgeous shots of waves and sun. Brush up on your photography skills to stand out from the crowd.

5. Stand Out with Style

Stand Out with Style

Bridal Guide’s Pin to Win gives readers the opportunity to have their dream wedding designed by David Tutera AND a honeymoon in Mexico. The challenge is to create a board that reflects your style. This is not a time to play it safe. Whether you’re whimsical, edgy or rustic, go all out to show them what kind of bride you’re going to be.

4. Share


You hear about a sweepstakes or other chances to win and your first impulse may be to keep it on the hush hush to lessen competition. The fact is hundreds of thousands of people will find out anyway. Tell your friends and share with followers about opportunities you think they’ll want to enter, and trust they’ll do the same for you.

3. Be Descriptive

Be Descriptive

Many companies will ask you not only to include images of their products on your board, but to describe why you love those products. Use persuasive language to say something original, positive and funny in a good-spirited way. Rather than simply describing what people can already see in the picture, talk about the problems they solve, convenience, quality and other details.

2. Go Above and Beyond

Go Above and Beyond

Take a look at past winners of these types of contests. You’ll see that the vast majority went way beyond what was asked by the company. If your competition includes 20 images on their board, challenge yourself to find 100 of the best photos you can find. Check out National Geographic’s tips on what makes a great photo. If you have time, knock it out of the park with 200.

1. Be Selective

Be Selective

Popular pinners do more than re-pin the same images you see all over the place. They dig and dig and offer images that have a wow factor. Imagine the judges are peaking over your shoulder while you hunt for images and write descriptions. Show the kind of enthusiasm that makes it clear you’re playing to win. It’s also good policy to write a ‘thank you’ on the board header to the sponsor or organizer.

Check it out! The “Fall into Fall Catalogs” Pinterest contest runs until October 19, 2012. The board and entrants can be found on Pinterest.


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