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Top 10 Tips for Finding the Right Dog

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 20, 2011
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Top ten tips for choosing the right dog from all the dogs needing homesContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

You are considering getting a dog. Put some thought and research into this because if you don’t you may regret that you ever TRIED to become dog’s best friend.

The wrong canine in the wrong home environment can result in bedlam, chaos and misery for the pet and his owners.

Here are the top ten tips for finding the right dog:

10. Feel the love

A three legged dog is called a tripof and might be the right dog for you

If you fall in love with a pooch that’s all that really matters. He can be a mutt or a designer dog or a three legged pooch for that matter. He will probably turn out to be your best friend. And he won’t back talk. Chew, bark and be irascible, perhaps, but no back talk.

9. Brains over beauty

Disposition is one of the most important tips in finding the right dog

Go to the dog pound or humane society. You will probably find the nicest, although maybe not the prettiest dog. Looks aren’t everything. Rescue a dog. Mutts make notoriously wonderful pets. They generally have wonderful dispositions.

8. Research breeds

Research dog breed characteristics to find the right dog

Consider the temperament of the dog you are getting. Do research. If a particular breed is reportedly high strung, needy and a terrorist if left to his own devices and alone for long periods of time you may want to reconsider because she is going to make your life miserable. You may have to hire the dog whisperer to come to your aid.

7. Allergies

Find a dog breed that is hypoallergenic if you suffer from allergies

If you or a family member suffers from allergies take this into consideration. Nothing is worse than getting a pet and then finding out your child is horribly allergic to the dog. Allergies stem from the dog’s skin and not the coat as many of us think. Even purportedly hypoallergenic dogs such as Golden Doodles can cause an allergic reaction.

6. Space constraints

An important tip for finding the right dog is considering the space you have

If you live in a small apartment don’t get a massive dog. This doesn’t make sense. You barely have room for yourself let alone a gargantuan canine.

5. Energy level

A tip for finding the right dog is to consider energy and brains

If high energy and brains matter a lot to you think about getting a Border Collie. However, this type of dog requires lots of exercise and attention. If not, he is going to wreak havoc in your house and yard. Border collies can be trained to do some amazing tricks. They follow instructions well and are quite the athlete; however, they aren’t going to tolerate being ignored. You may be better off with a less brainy but more placid dog.

4. Alternative

An excellent tip for finding the right dog might be to choose a cat instead

Buy a cat instead. Just kidding.

3. Know your family

Know your family and which breeds do well with kids is a great dog tip

When there are children in the house you must always be careful when introducing any pet into the environment. Never leave a child alone with a dog, particularly an infant. Some dogs get along famously with children; some don’t. Again, do your research. Irish setters are good with children but may be too boisterous for small kids. Big dogs often are child-friendly but they aren’t aware of their size and strength so they may pose a danger to children.

2. Hair

If you don't like hair and shedding a good tip is to find a hairless dog breed

If dog hair is going to drive you absolutely batty get a dog that doesn’t shed at all or as much. Consider an American Hairless Terrier or a Mexican hairless, who is virtually free of body hair.

1. Commitment

The best tip for finding the right dog is to understand the commitment

Do you have a backyard or a sufficiently big area where the dog can exercise or are you willing to walk the dog several times a day? If not, do not get a dog that requires lots of outdoor time. Check sites such as Animal Planet to find out the characteristics of the breed you are interested in purchasing. You can quickly eliminate those that would not work well with your life style. Remember, finding the right dog and finding a canine friend is a commitment that will require ten or more – wonderful – years of your life.


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