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Top 10 Tips for Getting Ready to Move

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 11, 2011
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A list of the top ten tips for getting ready to moveContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Moving is a big pain in the patooty but sometimes you have to do it so buckle down, bite the bullet and grin and bear it.

Unless you take a powder in the middle of the night and don’t have time to pack anything but your toothbrush (and we won’t even ask why you’re on the lam) make lists well in advance of the move so you don’t forget to do something vitally important. Here are the top 10 tips to get ready to move:

10. Count heads

Counting heads is one of the top ten tips for moving

Don’t forget the dog or any of the kids, particularly if you have “Nineteen Kids and Counting.” Do a head count before you pull away from the curb. Please do not make your dog or cat travel cross country on his feet trying to locate you. It has happened.

9. Notify people

Letting people know is one of the top ten tips for moving

Tell your family and friends and professional associates that you are moving. You can do this in one mass email or send individual emails, or you can call them. Give them your new home address (if you want to.) There may be some people that you don’t want to tell. Feel free to leave them in the dark.

8. Collect important documents

Notify school is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

Inform your children’s school that your kids will no longer be attending their school and contact their new school well in advance to tell them that your children are coming. Send them your children’s transcripts. Gather all of your important medical and shot records together, which you will need, and put them in a safe place.

7. Clean and repair

Repair is one of the top ten best tips for getting ready to move

If you are leaving a rental home or apartment make sure that you clean it thoroughly and patch up any nail holes in the wall and fix any damages to the home which occurred under your watch so you get your security deposit back.

6. Tell the post office

Notify the post office is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

Notify the post office of your upcoming address change. Tell them precisely when you will be in your new home and able to receive mail.

5. Utilities

Utilities is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

Contact all the utility companies that you do business with and tell them when you are moving and when the gas, utility and water should be shut off or switched over to the new owner’s account.

4. Sell it

Selling stuff is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

Get rid of the stuff that you aren’t planning on taking on the move. Have a yard sale or take your old clothing to Goodwill or a clothing collection box.

3. Empty gas

Empty gas is one of the top tips for getting ready to move

If you have tools such as lawn mowers that have gasoline in them empty the gas tanks before the move.

2. Unplug frig

Unplug and empty is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

A day before you move, unplug your refrigerator and clean it out. One the freezer has thawed out, dry all the surfaces so mold doesn’t grow during the move. Take out the shelves and racks and put them in a box marked “refrigerator.” Disconnect the water line to the ice maker. Turn off the gas to your stove before you begin disconnecting the stove. A good idea is to put tape over the stove knobs and other elements, so they aren’t jarred loose during the move. Handle all of your appliances, such as the washer and dryer, with care. Pack boxes and carefully label them so it will be easier for you when you get to the other end of the line and have to unpack.

1. Line up movers

Line up movers is one of the top ten tips for getting ready to move

If it’s a big move you will need the assistance of a moving company. Line one up well in advance and find out precisely what the company will or won’t move. Know what they charge so there won’t be any awful last minute surprises.


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