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Top 10 Tips for Keeping Cool

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 20, 2011
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One of the top ten tips for keeping coolContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

As much as people complain about the winter weather as soon as the thermostat soars we are back at it, crabbing once again, but this time our gripe is that we’re too hot.

There are ways to keep cool. Utilize them.

Here are the top 10 tips for keeping cool:

10. Cold water

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

When you get over-heated, splash cold water on your face and temples and on the pulse points in your wrists, which will quickly lower your body heat and cool you off.

9. Eat less

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

When you eat a lot it makes you hot. Alternatively, eat more frequently and smaller amounts at each feeding. Avoid foods that are going to make you hot (and you know that going in. Can you say hot peppers?)

8. Head north

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Move to Alaska. You’ll get plenty of cool there.

7. Moderate your temper

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Keeping your emotional cool, particularly when you are already physically hot, can be tough when someone is in your face talking smack. Do not engage with them. At the most, raise an eyebrow, look amused, say, “Hmmm,” and walk away. Count to 10 as you are walking. Breathe deeply. Never let ‘em see you sweat. You’re too calm and cool, man!

6. Seek shade

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

It’s deck and patio time. Remember to buy an umbrella to provide shade over your patio table, where you will be spending lots of time this summer, and, which will shield you from the summer sun. It will look fab-u-lous as well. You can install canopies that completely cover the patio or deck when the sun is fierce and which can be rolled back when you don’t need overhead covering.

5. Air conditioning

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Install an air conditioner and lots of ceiling fans, which cool nearly as well as an air conditioner does, and, which work wonders when run in conjunction with the AC, but which cost a lot less to operate.

4. Swimming pool

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their back yard or even access to a swimming pool, which is unfortunate because this is the best way to cool off during the torrid days of summer. However, you can build your own above ground pool with some handyman skills … or buy a little baby pool and put it in your backyard or on your deck if you are apartment living and fill it with enough water that you can at least cool off your hot feet.

3. Use cotton linens

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Avoid sleeping on pillows that are made of latex or down. This is going to make you hot. Sleeping on a cotton pillow will keep you much cooler. Buy a cooling pillow that helps regulate your body temperature. It draws the heat away from you when you are hot. You can also buy sweat wicking sheets for your bed that help you stay dry and cool during the night as well as cooling mattress pads, which you use with the sheets and which are going to keep you comfortable and sweat-free as you sleep. Consider the mattress you are sleeping on. Memory foam mattresses allow very little airflow between your body and the mattress and this is going to make you hot.

2. Mist yourself

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Purchase a hand-held mister that you can take with you wherever you go. Any time the heat is giving you grief, mist yourself.

1. Wear cool colors

One of the top ten tips for keeping cool

Wear clothing that is suited for summer weather. Don light colored clothing because light colors reflect rather than absorb heat. Do not wear black. Wear natural fabrics such as cotton that breathe. Consider wearing clothing that is made of bamboo. Really. It is good for people with delicate skin and for those suffering from allergies. Bamboo is quite versatile and can be spun along with silk, hemp and organic cotton into a fabric that is strong but light, keeps you cool and won’t stick to your skin.

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