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Top 10 Tips for Making New Friends

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 26, 2012
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making friendsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Making new friends can be tough for anyone, no matter your age or personality type.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or are simply looking to broaden your social network at home, opening yourself up to others may be out of your comfort zone. There are plenty of ways to make new friends however, and even build long-lasting friendships for life. Check out the following top 10 tips for making new friends and get started today!

10. Friends’ Friends

friends of friends

Many of your friends may have their own personal friends that they know from childhood, social activities or work. Get to know your friends’ friends at a mutual party or ask to be introduced.

9. Meet-up groups

meetup groups

Meet-up groups are specific social networking groups that are available online, such as, in most cities and towns. Check out sites online to find a group that interests you such as a sporting or art group.

8. Work

work happy hour

Finding new friends through work is one of the top tips for making new friends. Get to know work colleagues outside of the office by asking them out for lunch or happy hour one evening.

7. Recreational league

rec league

A great way to make new friends is to join a recreational league such as an intramural soccer or softball team. If team athletics aren’t your thing, try something that caters to all individuals such as a running group or golfing.

6. Reading for friends

book club

Books clubs are increasingly popular world-wide with groups of people meeting monthly or more to discuss the choice book. Check with your local bookstore for organized meetings or start a book club of your own through work!

5. Neighborhood Fiesta

neighborhood barbeque

Get to know your neighbors by inviting them over for a backyard barbeque or wine and cheese night one evening. Saying more than “hi” or “bye” in passing will give you the opportunity to see if you have any mutual interests.

4. Volunteer


Making new friends is as simple as 1-2-3 when you volunteer your time with a local organization such as a food bank or women’s shelter. Meet like-minded people or even people from different walks of life to befriend.

3. Take a risk

new buddies

Sometimes in order to make new friends you have to step outside of your boundaries and normal comfort zone. Take a chance and ask the person sitting alone at a coffee shop for a seat or ask someone you just met in a class out to a movie.

2. Online


There are numerous online communities that may interest you and help you make friends in the process. Check out the blogs of people living in your city or look for a forum dedicated to your interests such as running, yoga or cooking.

1. Workshops


Workshops and courses not only enhance your own knowledge and skills but give you the chance to meet new friends. Take a professional development course related to your field of work or a course intended for personal development and growth.


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