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Top 10 Tips That Make You Look Younger

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 8, 2011
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Tips to help you look younger include eating healthy.Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Most of us would rather look a few years younger than we really are rather than a few years older.

That’s human nature. There are ways that you can give the appearance and impression of being younger than your chronological age. Here are the top 10 tips that make you look younger:

10. Facelift

A facelift can make you look younger or ridiculous.

Get a facelift. Or don’t. That’s a huge and irreversible step. You can’t take it back after you’ve done it. You will either end up looking fabulous or like …. Okay, no names shall be used to protect the lifted and then some.

9. Hair style

The right hairstyle is a great tip for looking younger.

Hair color and style: Get a good hair cut and color job. Find a stylist who takes her time with you and figures out what length and style of hair and what color is most flattering for your face, complexion and age. Forget trends. Wear your hair in a style that complements and flatters the heck out of you. When your hair is looking good you feel good and that in itself takes off years.

8. Stay fit

Yoga keeps you fit and is a great tip for looking younger.

If you keep your body in shape and no, that doesn’t mean that you have to be model-thin or the weight you were in high school, you are going to feel and look better, and certainly you will be more confident. If there are parts of your party you hate, disguise them and then forget about them. Buy some “foundation” garments that hold you in and slim you down.

7. Be a cougar

Being a cougar is a great tip for making yourself feel younger.

Get yourself a young man. Yes, you cougars out there: snatch yourself a young one and hit the town. Oh, obviously, you are not going to look younger or as young as he but any woman who can snag hot tamale twenty years her junior has got something going on (and I’m not talking about a hefty bank account) and people will take note. They may even gossip. Let them!

6. Stay sexy and active

Staying sexually active is a great tip for staying young.

Rumor has it that a regular dose of sex can keep you looking four or seven years younger than your actual age. Enough said.

5. Get enough sleep

A tip to stay younger is to try to sleep like a baby.

Get enough rest. Don’t underestimate the recuperative and restorative properties of sleep. Our bodies repair themselves when we’re getting quality shut eye. If you are burning the candle at both ends it’s going to show, on your face.

4. Exercise

Exercise is high on the list of tips to stay younger.

Exercising keeps your blood circulating and prompts endorphins, those feel good chemicals. Exercise actually alters your molecules in a benefical way, resulting in an anti-aging effect on your cardiovascular system.

3. Stay vital

Diane Keaton is young a heart which is a great tip for staying young.

Young at heart: Be interesting and interested. For example, actress Diane Keaton is well into her sixties, and yet she continues to be delightful and beguiling on the big screen. She is outrageously spunky, quirky, cute and infectious. She’s funny and smart and has timeless appeal. Her age is beside the point. Keaton is a case in point that you can convey youth even in your sixth decade.

2. Destress

Keep stress low is a great tip for staying young.

Nothing ages you more than big dose of stress. Your face becomes wrinkled. Your complexion dims and takes on an unattractive pallor,and the light goes out of your eyes. There is nothing youthful looking about a person who is stressed out of her mind. Re-group. Calm down.

1. Attitude

Having a great attitude is a tip for staying younger.

It’s all in the attitude, baby. If you walk with a purpose; hold your shoulders back and your head high, you can take a decade off of your age. Try it. Smile. Laugh. Kick up your heels. Me, old? Nada! I’ve still got some p-ss and vinegar in me. Who’s counting the years? Live with gusto and vibrancy.


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