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Top 10 Totally Obvious Moving Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 7, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Unless you have been put into the government’s witness protection program and don’t want anyone to know where you have moved to there are steps every person needs to take when he has changed his place of residence.

Simple and appealing as it might be, you can’t just “go.” There are things you need to do in order to move efficiently, some of the so obvious you might actually overlook them. Like taking the cat. Or changing the kids’ schools.

The top 10 totally obvious tips for moving include:

10. Label liberally

Label, label, label everything. Label them twice! This makes it easier on the other end when you are unpacking.

9. Empty drawers

When moving dressers or cabinets yourself, you can leave the contents intact, but if you are being moved by professionals, they won’t move anything that has personal belongings in them. Empty your dressers and box the contents before the movers arrive.

8. Relocate your plants

If you have hired professional movers, don’t expect them to move your live plants because they won’t. Either haul the plants cross country yourself or give them away to your family and friends. This might not be such an “obvious” tip, but it’s a good one to know, especially if the interior of your home is a jungle.

7. Announce your move

Let people know that you have moved or are about to move. One really creative and attention getting way to do that is to buy new home return address labels that announce your move. Send your friends and relatives a brief note or announcement card telling them about your re-location, although they will already be aware of your plans because of the hard to miss label on the envelope that includes clever artwork depicting you and your family members, including the pets (that you didn’t forget).

6. Tell the post office, etc.

Inform the post office of your imminent move so mail can be forwarded to you. Remember to inform all utility companies and your trash collection company that you are no longer at such and such address. If you will be dealing with the same companies once you have moved, inform them of your new address so your information can be updated in their system. Inform the Board of Elections of your address change. Don’t wait until Election Day when you end up at the wrong poll place and aren’t allowed to cast your vote because you forgot to inform them of your new address. Tell your employer and everyone else who needs to know that you are relocating.

5. Parole officer

If you are on parole (well, you know, it happens) or probation tell your probation or parole officer about your move. In fact, you may not be allowed to move, and if you do without permission don’t be surprised to see your mug plastered on the wall at the post office.

4. Reserve movers

Make plans in advance for a moving van and moving men or a U-haul if you are doing it yourself. This is a very important part of moving and seems self-evident but best laid plans and all that. Do not overlook necessary transportation for your belongings. There is only so much that you can pack into the back of a car.

3. Get helpers

Entice your family and friends into helping you pack your household belongings and lift the heavy stuff. Use booze and food as an enticement. If that doesn’t work, threaten to disinherit them.

2. Know where you’re going

Make sure you have a place to move to. It sounds impossible but people have moved across the country only to find upon arrival that the place they thought they were renting or buying was no longer available or perhaps non-existent. Make sure to double-check before you make the journey. Having a reliable and reputable realtor helps.

1. Make sure it’s yours

Make sure that the previous tenants or home owners have hit the road before you show up on the doorstep otherwise you may be living in your car.


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