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Top 10 Transitional Spring Fashion Trends

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 14, 2012
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transitional spring fashion trendsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Spring is as well known for its flowers and warmer weather as it is for its hot fashion trends.

Hot is great – those Spring styles will go right into summer! Whether you’re watching New York Fashion Week or simply browsing the malls, you are bound to see spring clothing transition right into summer. Get the most out of your fashion investment by donning trendy clothing pieces that will catch the eye of friends, family and strangers.

Check out the following top ten transitional Spring fashion trends that work now and well into the heat of summer, too!

10. Drop waist

drop waist dress

The drop waist is one of the top transitional spring fashion trends hitting the runways and fashion stores. This trendy silhouette creates a shapeless look that can be paired with a belt worn low on the hips. This style is particularly flattering to women with slim hips and a small bottom since it can make heavier women seem sloppy.

9. Pastels

pastels at Patchington

A pretty, and hot, spring fashion trend is pastels. Pastels add a light, airy feel to dresses, shirts and shifty tops and come in a variety of tones. Go for a soft, feminine look with a pastel patterned blouse, a pastel solid color dress or tailored pastel pants to stand out in a sea of black and red.

8. Sweet tweets

bird patterns

No, we’re not talking about twitter tweets. Rather, birds are the latest hot spring fashion item this year and can add flair to a solid-colored dress as well as create a 3-D effect on some tanks and tops. Keep on trend by wearing a simple blouse with small bird prints with a long, flowing skirt of contrasting color.

7. Digitize it

digital prints

A trendy fashion statement for spring 2012 involves digital imaging which creates a funky and sophisticated look to a spring dress. Digital imaging creates an animation-like print on clothing that looks modern but with a funkier edge.

6. Lightweight suits

top 10 transitional spring fashions womens suits

Princess Kate has reintroduced the look of women’s spring suits, and women all over the world are following her lead. Choose a light weight suit in creamy ivory or a soft pastel for a look that’s classic and feminine, and perfect for parties, meetings, church or holidays.

5. Nostalgia

nostalgic dress style

Spring fashion icons, including Marc Jacobs, are heating up the 2012 fashion season with clothing that can only be described as nostalgia with a twist. Look out for the 50’s and 60’s to make a comeback in a modern way.

4. Prints


Prints are taking over the 2012 spring fashion trends this year! Check out big prints matched with bold colors or smaller more detailed prints ranging from flowers to landscapes. Spring 2012 fashion prints lean towards classic and sophisticated styles for the savvy girl while avoiding cheesy, fake prints that can come off as cartoonish.

3. Metallics


Metallics are a hot commodity fashion item for spring 2012 and are taking over the little black dress look for a night out on the town. This spring fashion trend can range from silver dresses to platinum pant-suits to slinky golden skirts. Metallics are not only limited to clothing in 2012 either as they are popping up in fashion accessories including purses and handbags, studded bracelets, earrings and even shoes.

2. Leather


Leather is always bubbling on the edge of the fashion trend line and this spring is no exception. Add an edgy, sophisticated and mysterious vibe to your spring fashion wardrobe with leather jackets, skirts and even tops resembling sheaths.

1. African touch

African touch

Many spring fashion items for 2012 have an African vibe to them for a tribal touch and effect. Start trending today by donning a top with hand-beaded details or a chunky-knit crochet sweater. Stylists are even showing tribal-infused dresses on the runway from short and strapless to long and traditional.


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