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Top 10 Trendy Golf Styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 26, 2011
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One of the top ten trendy golf fashionsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For long time fans, the idea of trendy looks and golf being used in the same sentence was the epitome of an oxymoron.

For many, the only fashion trend remotely associated with golf was the lack thereof. We need only look so far as outfits that included lime green shorts, flamingo pink shirts and socks borrowed from Nana or Papa to jar our memories. Happily, those days are behind us.

Here are my top ten trendy golf styles:

10. Skorts

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

Tried and true, lady golfers have hit the links in skorts for some time now, and for good reason. With the appearance of a skirt, they pay homage to the old-school respect for the game while still allowing for freedom of movement; minus a free Rated PG-13 show for the other 3 golfers in the foursome.

9. Reversible vests

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

A round of 18 holes will take most golfers a good 5 hours, give or take. A lot can happen during this time weather-wise. What started as a perfect day of strolling the course, can turn into hurricane force winds that would leave old sailors shaking. Reversible vests provide comfort and protection regardless of conditions. So let the other wimps head for the 19th hole when the skies open up, that just means no more waiting for the group in front.

8. Leopard skin

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

Okay, so there’s still a bit of the historic golf fashion on the links, as it should be. As a golf fashionista, pushing the envelope a bit is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. And what better way to announce your arrival than The Look of the Cat.

7. Payne Stewart

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

The late, great Payne started a fashion trend all his own that still resonates today; or various forms of it at least. Stewart would don the colors of the nearest NFL team to the course he happened to be playing that week; Dolphins, Chargers, you name it. Feel free to adapt this to your favorite sport (outside of golf of course); basketball, baseball, cricket; whichever suits you. If nothing else, you’ll definitely win over the locals.

6. Hawaiian Togs

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

Golf is a game often associated with strolls through luscious greenery and gardens on a beautiful sunny day. If that’s not the recipe for donning the appropriate Hawaiian wear, nothing is. Be they pants, skorts, shorts or shirts, the larger the Hibiscus, the better.

5. Cargo shorts

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

As all golfers know, there are a number of gadgets and assorted items needed at a moments notice when on the links; such as tees, extra balls (not that we’d ever hit an errant shot of course), gum, water and/or assorted ice cold golf beverage, scorecards and the like. That’s why cargo shorts have been a golf fashion trend mainstay, and will continue to do so for generations to come. Go for classic khaki or, find colors and patterns that are NOT beige!

4. Ruched shirts and shorts

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

One golf fashion trend for the ladies, or extremely secure men, are the ruched shirts and shorts seen on courses around the country. Even with the tapered, fitted look of a ruched shirt or shorts, they maintain flexibility so as not to hinder that next great approach shot at Augusta.

3. Polo shirt

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

A bit on the boring side, yes, but the staid polo shirt remains a golf fashion trend classic. It retains the comfort of the traditional T-shirt, but adds that certain panache that will get you past the course fashion police that uphold the dress policy. With a polo, it’s almost like you’re getting away with something; which always feels pleasantly decadent for some reason.

2. Tan through golf gloves

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

The bane of tan conscious golfers across the globe is the “glove tan.” This the contrast between the tan golfers get wandering the links in the summer, and the pasty looking hand, the left hand for right-handed golfers, that is gloved most of the day. An embarrassment that has left many a golfer shut in their home refusing to be seen by their fellow linkspeople. Those days are gone with the tan-through golf glove. No need to remove it after every shot, these mittens allow UV rays through for the nice, even, farmers tan golfers live for.

1. Microfiber stretch jersey

One of the top ten trendy golf fashions

With the growth of technology in the game of golf, like drivers the size of a two-car garage, titanium shafts and all the other goodies, it’s only natural the latest in techno-wear would hit the fashion side of golf. Microfiber stretch jerseys combine style; they are found in a host of shapes and colors, with moisture wicking, moisture release and wrinkle resistance. Needless to say, Microfiber jerseys leave the old cotton Tee in the proverbial dust.

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