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Top 10 Unique Dog Names

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 19, 2011
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A list of the top ten unique dog namesContributed by Cassie O’Shea, Top 10 Guru

Finding the perfect name for your new pooch can be a tricky and daunting task.

This furry creature is going to be your constant companion for years to come, and a name can form an integral part of a dog’s personality and how you view its temperament. Don’t be someone who names their dog Cujo or Killer and sets it up for a lifetime of false perceptions!

Unless, of course, your dog is a tiny little fluff ball that couldn’t hurt a fly and you have a strong love of irony. If you want an interesting and thought-provoking name, read on!

10. Messi

A list of the top ten unique dog names

The last name of the ├╝ber talented Argentinean soccer star makes a great name, especially for those challenging puppy years when shredded personal items and ‘accidents’ are the norm. Of course, you may choose any of your personal sports heroes.

9. Harry

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Another name that could have a multitude of meanings, Harry is a fun and endearing moniker for your new best friend. Using traditional human names for your dog could be a fun way of honoring a favorite relative, or confusing people.

8. Cuzco

A list of the top ten unique dog names

For travelers, what better way to remember a wonderful voyage than naming your new puppy after your favorite place? This Peruvian town is beautiful and can sound either adorable or harsh, depending on your mood!

7. Wilco

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Music lovers often name their pets after their favorite artist or album. This can create an individual and memorable name for your new puppy. However, maybe you should think a little bit harder if you are a heavy metal fan, as Megadeath may not be the most endearing choice.

6. Pip

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Many characters in novels, and even the authors themselves, can be great inspiration for an unusual and appropriate dog name. The main character of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, has a very friendly and lively name. Just be careful when choosing from very popular authors, there has been an incredible jump in the number of furry little Bellas out there due to the Twilight craze.

5. Cezanne

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Many art aficionados would love to have a little Picasso running around their house. You can come a bit closer to your favorite artist by naming your new dog after them or their most inspirational work.

4. Hera

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Find your doggie name muse within the legends of Greek mythology. Perhaps your new buddy is more Pandora than Athena, but whatever his or her character might be, there is an interesting and unusual Greek god out there!

3. Kitty

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Different animal names for dogs have long been popular, such as Bear or Monkey. Take it a step further by naming your dog after its natural born enemy and confusing the heck out of everyone!

2. Gnocchi

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Types of food are fantastic and memorable names for puppies, especially the ones that are so cute you are tempted to gobble them right up! A good friend of mine owns a pair of pugs named Mu Shu and Wonton. Mu Shu is the older, crankier of the two, while Wonton is quite round and plump. They both epitomize their names perfectly and make quite a team.

1. Osito

A list of the top ten unique dog names

Meaning “little bear” in Spanish, Osito is a perfect name for a fluffy new friend. Choosing a name from another language can help you find something different and unique to call your new waggly tailed companion. My brother has a beautiful Vizsla mix named Anzu, which is Japanese for “apricot,” the exact color of his fur.

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