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Top 10 Useful Bar Accessories

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 15, 2010
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

You have decked out your man cave with a full scale, authentic, just like “Cheers” bar that is fabulous!

Now you’ve got to equip it. Here are the 10 top useful bar accessories that you need:

10. Booze

You can’t have a bar without alcohol. You will need beer and liquor, including rum, vodka, gin, tequila, martini and wine, as well as mixers such as orange juice, cranberry juice and Coke. A bartender’s guide book (for dummies?) should be kept on hand for quick reference. Mixology is quite an art to master. In time, though, you will impress your friends with your unparalleled knack for mixing up the most superb drinks in town.

9. Glassware

If everyone likes drinking beer out of long neck bottles then you don’t have to worry about this but odds are that some of your guests are going to want a mixed drink. This puts glasses at the top of the list of essential a set of barware. You need to acquire the basic types of glassware that are essential in any bar, including those that are used for a Highball, an Old-Fashion, a Whiskey Sour, a Brandy snifter, shot glasses, Irish Coffee, Collins, and wine glasses. These are considered cocktail glasses.

8. Stainless steel shaker

Every bar owner needs a stainless steel shaker. A shaker is used to mix drinks. A shaker often has a strainer built into it. The bartender pours the drink ingredients into the shaker, caps the shaker, and then shakes vigorously. A bar shaker, used correctly, gives you – and your bar – serious credibility.

7. Pour spouts

This allows you to pour exactly the right amount of alcohol into a glass. You put the spout into a bottle, and it measures out precisely 25 ml of alcohol. This could be a money saver. Or lead to more drinks and longer stays at your bar.

6. Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

wine labels

If you are planning a wedding or anniversary celebration, consider giving your guests wine with personalized labels as a favor they will cherish on a special occasion after your big day is over. The key here is to order enough so that your own bar is stocked with your special vintage. This is something you will appreciate on your 1st anniversary, and many shared holidays to come.

5. Refrigerator

How else are you going to keep that beer cold? Seriously. A good refrigerator probably single-handedly makes the difference between amateur and pro. Think about it. You can have a great bar, but if you still have to run to the kitchen for a lime, you fail.

4. Blender

Make sure you have a reliable blender available because chances are someone is going to order a drink that requires blending. Chick-drinks, especially, require blending. It’s good to be able to accommodate.

3. Bar stools

Barstools should be comfortable, the right height and good looking, unless you want your guests to remain standing, and that’s okay as long as they don’t get tipsy and end up toppling over headfirst into your rack of brand new glassware.

2. Bouncer

Oh, okay, not essential in your man cave bar – or any home bar – but a big burly guy can come in handy on occasion when your neighbor gets sloshed and needs escorted home. Maybe one of your he-man buddies can multi-task and pinch hit if things get unruly.

1. Coyote Ugly dancers

Okay, maybe not (because the wife said NO), but it sure is a lot more fun when someone is dancing on the bar top to The Devil Went Down to Georgia, decked out in butt-kicking cowboy boots and jeans so tight they leave little to the imagination. If you’re a man, that is, or a woman who can appreciate a gal who can not only stand upright on a slippery bar but can dance like a devil on it. However, this requires a terrific sound system, another must-have if you are serious about your bar-keeping, and gets on a whole new list …

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