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Top 10 Ways to Clean Up Dust from Construction

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 27, 2012
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construction dustContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Whether you are a do-it-yourself remodeler or hire a contract to do the work, one thing is for certain – when the project is done you will have to clean up dust and construction mess.

There are companies that will do this for you, but with some time, care and the proper equipment, it’s easy to clean up dust and trash and make your new kitchen, bathroom or other construction project sparkle. Here’s some tips for cleanup success.

10. Dust control

dust mask

Before starting any cleaning project, especially one with lots of dust and grime, purchase a quantity of good quality face masks to keep the dust out of your nose and lungs. Latex or rubber gloves will protect your hands and keep them from drying out. Eye goggles will keep dust particles out of your eyes, especially when cleaning ceilings and walls. If you are living in your home while construction is underway, it is very important to ensure the air quality in your living space. Invest in a high performance air filter system to protect sleep areas from dust and other allergens.

9. Large debris

trash bags

Get all of the large debris and trash out of your way first. Wear heavy gloves to protect your hands when filling the trash bags. And do by-pass those thin grocery store bags…you need commercial trash bags for a job like this.

If there’s a lot of debris, consider renting a commercial-size trash container and let the rental company haul it away when you’re through.

8. Clean filters


If the project is finished or well underway, your home heating and a/c filters have already trapped some dust. Clean or replace them to make sure your ventilation system isn’t recirculating the dust you’re trying to clean up.

7. Wet towel

towel on broom

Dust on walls can be removed easily by wetting a soft towel with water and wrapping it around the bottom of a broom. Keep it in place with duct tape or rubber bands and swipe it across the walls. Rinse and wring the cloth frequently. If the wall are freshly painted, wait until they are dried and cured.

6. Dryer sheets

dryer sheet

A great trick for cleaning baseboards, shelves and windowsills is to use used dryer sheets. After a cycle or two, the sheets make great dust cloths. Just wipe up the mess and throw them away.

5. Vacuum

vacuum cleaner

For dust and dirt on rugs, your regular household vacuum should do fine – just make sure to clean the filter frequently and empty the bag often. For heavier dirt, you may need to rent a shop vac or a rug cleaner. For bare floors, a damp mop rinsed and wrung out regularly will pick up the dust. Take your time and change the water often.

4. Check cracks and openings

cracks and openings

As you move around the house, check all heating vents and cold air returns for dust. Remove them if you can and vacuum both sides thoroughly. Also, open cabinets and drawers and wipe them out – dust can seep in through the tiniest openings and cracks.

For dedicated woodworkers with a home workshop, a dust collection system is a crucial tool in keeping dust out of the living areas of the home.

3. Windows


Windows can be cleaned with just vinegar and water using one of those new microfiber cloths. Clean the outside too so you’re sure you’ve removed all of the inside dust.

2. Ceilings


Ceilings pose a challenge because of their height. First try a vacuum with a long hose and brush attachment. A long-handled broom with a damp cloth on the end is the next best thing. If you need to use a ladder, work with small areas and don’t overreach to avoid tipping over. For added safety, have a friend hold the ladder.

1. Ceiling fans

ceiling fan duster

Dust on ceiling fans poses a special challenge. Always work with the ceiling fan off. Spread a drop cloth underneath to catch the dust. A ceiling fan duster with an extendable handle is a great tool for this job, but a broom with an old sock on the end will work in a pinch. For extra help, spray the duster with household cleaner.

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