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Top 10 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 8, 2011
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One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippieContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

If you want to go retro and dress like a hippie chic, the quintessential flower child of the 1960s, it’s a great time to do so because bohemian or boho chic and hippie fashions are de rigueur.

It was a fabulous look then, albeit unconventional and looked upon with suspicion by the establishment, and it’s a wonderful look now.

The hippie chic style has weathered the decades and is still very cool. Here are the top 10 ways to dress like a hippie:

10. Flowers in your hair

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

Create a ring of flowers and you will look like a woodland nymph or fairy that just wafted in from the meadow. Alternatively, you can place one flower behind your ear, which is sufficient and hippie like. Ideally, you have long, curly, unkempt hair or the total opposite, completely straight Cher-like hair. Hippies, male and female, had a lot of hair and the more unruly the better. If you are a guy, grow a beard. Hippies loved beards and often the women stopped shaving.

9. Beads and fringe

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippy

Wear beads around your wrists and neck and attach fringe to your clothing and your purse. Fringe was everywhere during the love generation.

8. Color

tunics at Tianello

Hippies were not only behaviorally colorful, but they wore color, lots of it. Incorporate psychedelic colors and designs into your accessories and your clothing, like bright tunics to layer over leggings and sweaters. Wear natural fabrics like hemp clothing and items that feel good next to your skin. This is not a creased, buttoned down, belted look. Think “go with the flow.” Get yourself a poncho. Not all hippies live in sunny Southern California. You have to keep warm. Of course, the ponchos are often made of crochet, so they’re not going to keep you that warm, but they surely do look cool.

7. Jewelry

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

The sign of a true hippie is often her outlandishly original and gorgeous jewelry. Wear bangle earrings or multiple bangle bracelets and leather cuffs. Be imaginative. Wear a nature belt, made of wool and hand embroidered with flowers and leaves. This is a great way to achieve the hippie-boho look. Apply some body art—henna, temporary tattoos. The sky’s the limit.

6. Hand made

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

If you can knit, crochet or macramé all the better because you can make yourself hippie-like vest with an easy-to-follow crochet pattern. Crocheted shrugs and vests are all the rage so you will be right in style even though you are actually emulating a style from forty years ago.

5. Footwear or barefoot

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

Step into some sandals or you can ditch the shoes all together. Hippies were often barefooted. Wear ankle bracelets to emphasize your hippie look. The sandals should be flat, not heeled, and sensible, made-for-walking styles are just the right look.

4. Attitude

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

Make love, not war. Peace, man.

3. Big bag

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

Ideally, this is a shoulder bag that looks like a patchwork quilt or features any of the emblems, the peace sign, flower power or free love insignias that the hippies were very earnest about and fond of.

2. Tie-dye

tie dye tee

Tie-dye is as essential as is making the peace sign with your index and middle finger when you see a friend (or stranger.) A tie dye or funky graphic logo t-shirt will go with everything hippie. Actually, tie-dying is fun and results in some an extraordinary display of color and design, and you can “over dye” your favorite white graphic tee to create your own hippie color palette.

1. Modern hippie

One of the top ten ways to dress like a hippie

Bohemian chic is the term used nowadays for the hippie look. In other words “Cool threads for cool heads.” Those who are embracing this look are often eco-friendly and want to get back to nature and preserve nature, so they are putting thought into their choice of fabrics and eschewing those items that involve animals or processes that are disruptive to the environment. The hippie look resonates with many because it is a reflection of a time when there was much change in the world but it was a special time when emphasis was placed on peace, harmony and love, which are every bit as important today as they were then.


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