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Top 10 Ways to Dress Like a Rock Star

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 3, 2011
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One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock starContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Dressing like a rock star is going to require stepping outside the box and letting go of your inhibitions because the “typical” rock star doesn’t go to work in business casual or three pieces suits.

The best way to choose a rock star outfit is to look back over time and see what they were wearing in the 1960s and later decades because these rock stars set the bar for atypical and sometimes completely whacky attire.

The top ten ways to dress like a rock star include:

10. Boy George

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

The “is he, a boy or a girl?” look is completed with vast amounts of eye liner, tweezed eyebrows, great lip color and a bowler hat. Part of your hair is shaved, and the other is long. Boy George is iconic when it comes to fashion. He helped set the tone for the 1980s. His clothing was showy and worn rather carelessly. Boy George was considered a chameleon.

9. Gene Simmons

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Gene Simmons and Kiss were all about the off the wall painted faces and Gene’s long, snake-like tongue. They were scary looking but at the same time they knew how to put on a show and captivated audiences with their all out weirdness. They definitely had a memorable and original look. Wear black Lycra outfits, tease your hair or perm it. Get out your face paint and go to town. We cannot advise you on the tongue.

8. Stevie Nicks

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, who still performs a solo act, put the Goth, New Age, Goddess, pagan, enchantress look on the map. Her calling car was her long, hooded, velvet robes and the wild hair. She could look convincingly and beautifully celestial. Her dresses were generally long, sweeping and ornate and you sometimes wondered if she were really a witch, or just liked looking like one. In fact, she sticks with this basic look to this day.

7. Tina Turner

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Tina Turner always shows off her beautiful legs. She wears short, sparkly, close fitting dresses and statement-making wigs as she enthusiastically belts out her songs. Watch her sweat. She also wears high heels, which make her look a lot taller than she really is and which showcase her curvy legs. This mega star turns 72 in 2011.

6. Cher

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Cher was, and probably still is, theatrical as all get out and never one to be perceived as a wallflower, for sure. There wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t wear, as long as her long-time designer Bob Mackie fashioned it. She exposed body parts on stage, including butt cheeks, and dabbled in leather, fishnet hoses and lots of sparkles and enormous head dresses on occasion that looked like she’s just stepped off a stage in Las Vegas after doing a stint as a shoe girl. She wears wigs, wigs, wigs!

5. Keith Richards

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones looks like a worn-out carpet but there is still something appealing and fashionable about his quirky style, including his hair charms and headbands. Forgo the cigarette hanging out of the mouth but you must have unkempt hair to achieve this rock star look. Tight black pants and unusual jackets worn over tee-shirts will round out the look.

4. Lady Gaga

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Lady Gaga set the bar for outlandishness when she wore a meat dress, but she didn’t stop there. She wears the most outrageous ensembles that are very costume-like. Her shoes are umpteen inches tall and she often has a hard time walking, sacrificing her comfort in the name of “fashion.” She is daring and purposely shocking in her clothing choices. The more bizarre, the better.

3. Janis Joplin

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Janis Joplin is the original hippie, and her boho chic outfits set the tone for generations to come. She represented a ballsy woman with a raspy voice who could sing and perform like nobody’s business. Janis epitomized the original bell-bottomed generation and the more tears and rips in them the better. Her jeans something didn’t look quite clean but that was what she was aiming for: indifference about her outside appearance. She wore peasant tops, lots of beads and was fond of paisley prints. She liked bold colors and unstructured dresses and tresses. Accessorize your outfit with organic beads and earrings. Pile the bracelets on and get yourself some round sunglasses.

2. Madonna

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

Madonna is the queen of metamorphosis. When she emerged in the 1980s, she popularized pointed, cone-like brassieres and sexy corsets, cross necklaces, fingerless gloves, lots of lace and lots of belly exposure. Now she is the epitome of grown-up rich lady style, but always with a twist and an edge.

1. The Beatles

One of the top ten ways to dress like a rock star

When this legendary group came strutting onto the American scene in 1963 they sported suits and bowl hair cuts that showed off hair that was much longer than what was typically seen on men in the 1960s. They had bangs! They wore thin ties. Of course, they went on to their psychedelic stage and wore colorful, printed Indian inspired men’s clothing. They sprouted facial hair and grew their hair even longer. Their look metamorphosed over the years depending on what they were dabbling it at the time.


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