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Top 10 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 8, 2011
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Employee productivity can be raised with morale building incentives.Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

The goal of any employer is to increase employee productivity. Lazy, unproductive employees aren’t the desire of any company. However, the employer has a gigantic role in setting the tone of the company and in maintaining productivity, which is achieved when employees are happy and their environment isn’t hostile.

These are the top 10 ways to increase employee productivity, which will pay off in spades, not only for the company owner but for the employee’s themselves, who will reap the benefits of a more productive and hospitable environment.

10. Monitor morale

When employee morale goes down the tubes, productivity plummets while accidents, absenteeism, dissatisfaction and turnover rates increase. It is imperative that the employer find out what has devastated employee morale and do something quickly to remedy the situation. To maintain high morale, employees must feel that they are useful, have a purpose and want to succeed. Employees need goals and the ability to work well together. When a team of employees can’t communicate and work in conjunction, morale plummets as will production. Communication is essential in maintaining good employee morale.

9. Set expectations

Employee productivity is increased when training, expectations and accountability are set.

Make sure that your employees know precisely what is expected of them. If they don’t know they will continue to make mistakes. Have they been properly trained? If not set up a training session and access training videos and other materials. If an employee is in the dark regarding what is expected of him, he cannot be held accountable when he falls short. Make sure that all employees have a company handbook.

8. Reward

Increase employee productivity with incentives like free lunch.

Opt to manage by reward rather than punishment. Obviously, the reward method is a far better morale booster, which increases work productivity, than putting the fear of God into employees. Rewards can be a pat on the back or some kind, encouraging words, plaques and incentives, a day off with pay or a free lunch at a local restaurant. You determine what your reward system is going to be.

7. Zap harassment

Stop harassment to create an environment that increases employee productivity.

Do not tolerate harassment in the workplace, because this wreaks havoc. Performance falls. Employees suffer and your company can turn into an intimidating and hostile environment. Every company needs to have written harassment policies, so there are no gray areas regarding what will and won’t be tolerated and the consequences. Demand that your company’s environment be a respectful one and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated for a second.

6. Listen

Practice active listening to increase employee productivity.

Learn to listen, really listen, to what your co-workers and employees are saying. When communication is good this results in cooperation, effective decisions making and collaboration.

5. Communicate

Good communication decreases blame and increases employee productivity.

If you aren’t communicating with your staff don’t expect them to produce as they should be. Communication is essential. Employees as well as employers should be encouraged to communicate. Discourage communication that is based on blame. When there is a blamer in your midst this is going to foster an environment that is not conducive to productivity or employee morale.

4. Cope with conflict

Resolving conflict increases employee productivity and workplace harmony.

When a bunch of people work together, ever day, there is going to be conflict and disagreements. This is to be expected. However, conflict doesn’t have to ruin the environment if management puts resolution ideas in place and sees that they are executed. Conflict can be healthy and productive if people are listened to and encouraged to have opinions. It’s okay for employees and employers to engage in a healthy debate.

3. Manage competition

Encouraging healthy competition is important for employee productivity.

Competition among employees can be good as long as it doesn’t turn into a duel. If your team of employees have mutual goals, the resources they need, clarity regarding what they are supposed to be doing and good organization skills healthy competition can ensue among workers and this ups productivity.

2. Discourage negativity

Discourage negativity for good morale that increases employee productivity.

Discourage all-round negativity. When employees like each other and enjoy each other’s company, morale and productivity rise. The boss needs to be positive because if he’s not he will pass on his negativity to his employees. Teach by example.

1. Be supportive

Support your employees by paying attention to problems that impede employee productivity.

Support your employees. Don’t ignore problems that can escalate and turn into huge issues that are a detriment to your company. Nip it in the bud.


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