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Top 10 Ways to Make a Contribution

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 31, 2012
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ways to contributeContributed by Info Guru Korina Rossi

Nearly every weekend in America, there is a publicized and advertised marathon race to raise money for a non-profit, but there are easier ways to contribute to humankind than dashing twenty-six miles in the sun.

Fortunately, for the non-athlete in all of us, most charities make donating time and money sweat-free.

Here are my top ten ways to make a contribution:

10. Cash


The no-nonsense way of contributing to a charity is sending hard cash, but the internet has updated even the greenback. These days, you can effortlessly donate money on most websites by using your credit card.

9. Patronize the Gift Shop

gift shop

Many charities raise money by selling charming greeting cards during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Animal shelters, on the other hand, usually have a gift shop offering pet supplies. By being an informed shopper, you can easily contribute to your favorite causes by doing your weekly shopping.

8. Contributions in Kind

in kind

Depending on your vocation or hobbies, many charities encourage you to volunteer your expertise or materials, especially organizations like Habitat for Humanity. With just a tool box and a great attitude, you can help a family build a home.

7. Your Time

your time

If you’re feeling strapped for cash, most charities will heartily welcome your time. Whether your forte is teaching children or washing dogs, volunteering your time is a gratifying way to spend a few weekend hours. So grab your camping gear and venture out.

6. Stocks


Stocks and bonds are another advantageous way to donate to charities due to tax legislation. The season for donating stocks is just before the end of the year, so be sure to discuss the tax implications with your accountant.

5. Boat


Popular in areas near the ocean or large lakes, some charities will sell your old boat and pass the tax deduction to you. Before sending photos of your boat, break out the boat polish and give your old bark the star treatment. Prospective buyers will always shine to a well maintained boat.

4. Car


Gifting your clunker to charity not only guarantees the most cash for a good cause: it can also give you a hefty tax deduction. Look up organizations in your neighborhood that offer pick-up for the most hassle-free experience.

3. Online Auctions

online auction

Online auction sites offer the most convenient way to donate to your favorite cause. Simply list your bric-a-brac, CDs, and old clothes on EBay and choose your favorite charity: your clutter will magically transform into proceeds for your chosen non-profit.

2. Clothes


Rejuvenate your own closet and someone else’s life by parting with your less beloved threads. Donating your clothes to a charity-run thrift store can also give you an incentive to update your style or began a new fitness program.

1. Legacy Gift

legacy gifts

Although conversations about the hereafter can be uncomfortable, remembering your favorite non-profit in your will is a touching way to help people in the future. Consult an estate lawyer for large sums, but for smaller gifts, a store-bought detailed will is usually sufficient.

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