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Top 10 Ways to Spoil Your Baby

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 22, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

You can’t really spoil a baby, and, even if you can and do, don’t worry about it.

Lavishing attention on a baby is a good thing so go ahead and spoil away.

Here are the top 10 ways to spoil your baby:

10. Lavish with attention

There is a big difference in being attentive to a baby and spoiling him. Babies are spoil-proof. When they need comforted, comfort them. The whole concept that babies should be independent and self-soothers, by the time they are a month old is bunk. Paying attention to your baby is not spoiling him. Babies aren’t smart enough to manipulate their parents. A baby cries because that’s how he communicates. He is telling you, “I am hungry.” “I am wet.” “I am sick.” Quickly responding to a baby’s cries creates trust and security. Rock your baby and enjoy every minute of it. Now if your child is five years old and doing the same thing and you drop his sibling on its head so you can attend to the five year old’s needs, this is probably the behavior of a painfully spoiled child and a parent who is a world class spoiler.

9. Understand “spoiled” and spoiled

A spoiled child (not a baby) learns how to maneuver and work his parents so that he gets what he wants when he wants it. He uses obnoxious behavior because it’s effective. Mom and dad can’t move quickly enough to accommodate him. If you are intent on producing a spoiled child then be sure to succumb to his every whim. Award him for his calculating and manipulative behavior and never, ever correct him because, heaven knows, the child is always right.

8. Ignore

Instead of spoiling your baby, ignore him and see how well that works out. Not!

7. Take care of the baby mama

Now if your baby is the baby mama, and you want to spoil this baby, your options are endless. Make life easier on her by seeing that she has everything she needs during those first few weeks (months, years) after the baby are born. Fill her space with comforting body care products, make the bed with fine linens, make certain she has a soft robe to wrap up in … When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy so make sure that she is well taken care of and comfortable.

6. Give meaningful gifts

baby name rings

Spoil your baby (and that includes your baby who gave birth to the baby) by giving both gifts for new baby and gifts for mom because this is a monumental occasion and should be celebrated. Remember, every present for a newborn is also a present for the new mom. Women like presents, particularly women who have just endured nine months of pregnancy and 24 hours of labor. She’s earned it.

5. Picking up baby

Pick your baby up quickly and he will quickly get down. This isn’t spoiling. This is good, responsive parenting.

4. Spoil liberally

According to Dr. Sears, infant development research has spoiled the spoiling theory. When you respond to a baby quickly and predictably, which some would say is spoiling them, you are setting the stage for a self-assured, happy and confident child later on down the road, which is the goal. Healthy babies are securely attached to their parents so spoil away.

3. Cuddle often

Cuddle the daylights out of your little Dickens and don’t worry that you’re spoiling him. That part comes later.

2. Make a fuss

Making a fuss over someone is synonymous with “spoiling” them (according to Roget’s Thesaurus) but there is a different between pampering and making a fuss over your baby versus behaving the same way with your 18 year old kid. All parents should make a fuss over their babies because a new baby is the most remarkable and welcome thing in the world. If you have the money, fix up a dream nursery and fill it with comfortable nursery furniture that give both you and your baby pleasure. Now you don’t have to spend $50,000 dollars doing this, trying to keep up with the Joneses. How much you spend it not the key. The baby isn’t going to say, “hmmm, my bedclothes aren’t as chic as Baby Jones’.” The fact that you want to create a beautiful, comfortable, charming haven for your new one is normal.

1. Refrain from making more … babies

Never ever, ever, under any circumstances, have another baby. Make sure that your baby is your one and only coveted and privileged darling, and you can cosset him and pander to him and spoil him (and ruin him) and then wonder why he won’t get off the couch and get his own place when he’s 35. No good deed goes unpunished.


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