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Top 10 Ways to Wear High Heels

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 17, 2011
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A list of the top ten ways to wear heelsContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Some women won’t be caught dead wearing high heels because they find them uncomfortable whereas other women would offer up a body part before giving up their stylish four-inch heels.

High-heeled shoes can enhance your look, your height and even your attitude, even though they can be hazardous at times. High heels are also quite versatile and can go from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Here are the top 10 ways to wear high heels:

10. When you’re pole dancing

A list of the top ten ways to wear heels

Come on, all pole dancers (and women who practice pole dancing for exercise!) wear high heels and the higher, the vampier, the sparklier and the sluttier, all the better. These are their go-to shoes. It takes great skill to slither and twirl around on a pole and it’s even more challenging when you’re doing it in four inch heels.

9. Very carefully

A list of the top ten ways to wear heels

You can topple over quite easily when wearing super duper tall high heels so be careful. You don’t want to twist your ankle or crash head-first into concrete.

8. With your sexy lingerie

A list of the top ten ways to wear heels

One of the hottest ways to wear high heels is with your sexiest lacy lingerie. Of course, you’ll probably want to take them off when you get horizontal but maybe not. Whatever floats your boat.

7. In the nude

One of the top ten ways to wear high heels

If this prospect is too racy for you, or you think the idea is just plain silly how about buying some nude colored heels, which are really beautiful and quite fashionable. They make your legs look longer because the nude shoe is the same color as your nude legs (or nude colored hose), which gives the illusion of a leg that goes on and on.

6. At your wedding

One of the top ten ways to wear high heels

Unless the groom is vertically challenged, and you might be better off in ballerina slippers. Of course, some women don’t mind towering over their man, and some men don’t mind having to tilt their face upwards to kiss their woman. Everyone gets a sneak peak at the bride’s shoes during the garter toss. Sometimes the guests get too much of a sneak peek at what’s going on under there.

5. With your business suit

One of the top ten ways to wear heels

The classic look is to wear heels with a handsome executive suit, which can either feature a skirt or pants. The heel doesn’t have to be skyscraper high to look good. This is a timeless look and is never wrong or outdated.

4. With your bikini

One of the top ten ways to wear high heels

Think Pamela Anderson. No, she didn’t wear heels while patrolling the beach on Baywatch, but she may have had them on when she married Kidd Rock, while decked out in a skimpy white bikini. Those Playboy Bunnies at the Bunny Mansion always skitter around the compound wearing tiny bathing suits and high heels. It’s a look for sure, although perhaps not one you want to adopt.

3. With jeans

One of the top ten ways to wear heels

Kim Kardashian does it all the time, and it works for her. This style, however, can easily go the way of trampy looking, but if you’ve got moxie and a lot of attitude, go for it and you’ll undoubtedly pull it off with as much aplomb as Kim does.

2. On the red carpet

One of the top ten ways to wear high heels

The ladies on the red carpet always show off their footwear, usually because it’s so spectacular, and often prettier than the dress they’re wearing.

1. Cleaning house

One of the top ten ways to wear high heels

When you’re doing housework, June Cleaver style. That was the sign of a REAL woman back in the 1950s. You had to wear your shirt-waist dress, your high heels and requisite pearls. Your hair had to be coifed just so, and your make up neatly applied before you could run the Hoover or do the laundry. Oh, and you need an apron and must say “Yes, dear” a lot.

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