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Top 10 Wedding Day Looks

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 25, 2011
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One of the top ten wedding day looks Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Your choice of a bridal gown is exactly that: Your choice.

What you like may not be in accordance with what your mother or best girlfriend or the neighbor downstairs had in mind, but it isn’t their wedding.

Bridal gown preferences are as individual as we each are. What floats your boat and makes you sigh and feel special is the dress you should pick.

Go with your heart and fulfill your dreams and wear the gown that you’ve always envisioned yourself wearing. For your consideration, here are the top 10 wedding day looks:

10. The Indian bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

If you are from India or are marrying a man from India and want to get embrace the traditional wedding garb of that county you have some of the most beautiful and colorful bridal options of any culture. The wedding saris are magnificent and to die for. Don’t forget the glorious jewelry, the veils and all of those henna tattoos that are fabulous. Even if you aren’t from India you might just be tempted because wedding saris are scrumptious.

9. Let’s hurry up and get this done bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

If you and your intended are dashing down to the court house to get married during the lunch hour wear a beautiful skirt suit, any color that you want although you may want to opt for pastel or off white or cream, slip into some stunning high heels, toss on some pearls or estate jewelry and grab yourself some flowers along the way. A wedding does not have to be big or expensive, and it certainly does not have to occur in front of 200 guests for it to be lovely and official.

8. The Wiccan bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

Wiccan or pagan wedding dresses are usually colorful. A Wiccan bride is likely to select a dress that is purple, or pink, or bright yellow although some opt for darker colors and even black. You can wear a dress that is a virtual collage of colors or patterns and reminiscent of Renaissance finery. Some Wiccan and pagan brides like to sew objects into their dresses, such as gemstones or flowers or shells. You can top your wedding gown with a crushed velvet cape and wear a wreath of flowers in your hair.

7. Second time around bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

Until death do you part isn’t always the way it works out and many women get remarried, maybe even a couple of times. If you are no longer a fresh-faced 22 year old and have no desire to be because you embrace your age and wisdom and all the juicy, glorious stuff that goes along with age, opt for something sophisticated but certainly not matronly. It can be long, tea-length or knee length. Wear a beautiful shrug if you want to cover your arms or select a dress that has filmy, lacy three-quarter length sleeves. Wear one of those British-inspired fascinators on your head.

6. Colorful bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

Not every bride has the nerve or the desire to depart from the traditional white (or ivory or champagne) wedding gown but for those who do, wearing a red gown is an option. Of course, it doesn’t have to be red. The gown can be any color. If you really want to do something different on your wedding day, and be remembered for your daring nature, donning a colorful and unconventional ensemble that is about as far from white as you can get will ensure this.

5. Sexy bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

Okay, this may cause your grandmother on your father’s side to swoon and gasp for breath when she sets eyes on you, but it is your day and there are bridal gowns that feature corsets and see through material and all kinds of boudoir-like features that will get the groom’s blood circulating. You can even opt for a short gown and show off your curvaceous legs and your sassy garter. Regardless of what your grandmother thinks, your intended will approve.

Not willing to bare it all at the ceremony? You can still opt for a sexy all-under with wedding-night-perfect sexy lingerie, stockings and nighties.

4. Boho hippie bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

Envision the bride strolling through a flower strewn meadow on her way to join her handsome groom, who stands under a weeping willow tree. She has flowers in her hair and is wearing a simple but beautiful vintage dress. Her feet are bare. She carries a small bouquet that matches her personal style. There is another-worldliness about her, as she wafts through the field to harp music playing, in the distance, wearing an eco-friendly frock of unbleached muslin or organic cotton, a ribbon tied around her waist, her hair streaming down her back. This is a lovely style of clothing for a down-to-earth wedding couple.

3. Retro bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

If you are one of those glamorous dames, who loves to watch old movies featuring those gorgeous, satin-clad seductress movie stars of the 1930s—think Carole Lombard and Greta Garb— go the retro route and sheath yourself in a slinky, body hugging gown, with lots of cleavage and back-baring going on that will make your guests gasp and your groom smile.

2. Beach bride

One of the top ten wedding day looks

If you are a surfer girl at heart and cannot imagine getting married anywhere other than the beach, then opt for a casual, flowing, barefooted look on your wedding day. Sand in between your toes? Sure! The rhythmic sound of the surf and the breeze blowing through your hair as you say “I do”? Perfect.

1. The fairy tale

One of the top ten wedding day looks

I am a princess and this is MY wedding day look will never go out of fashion. This fantasy look appeals to many and with good reason. It encapsulates all that one thinks about when, as a child, you imagine yourself being a fairy tale princess in a spectacularly beautiful gown, complete with a bustle and long train and magnificent veil. How many times does a woman get to dress up like an actual princess? Not many unless of course, she is a member of the Windsor family and so few of us are.


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