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Top 10 Wedding Disaster Movies

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 26, 2012
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wedding disaster moviesContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

There is just something about weddings that always brings a smile to our collective hearts.

There is also something about the lead-up to the main event that makes us simply expect one disaster or another to occur. Hollywood has certainly pounced on this trepidation and put out a ton of flicks that are based on our wedding being a complete disaster.

What are the best of the best, the top ten wedding disaster movies of all time? See below.

10. Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

This Tom Hank’s masterpiece was back when the Oscar winner was mostly appearing in quirky comedies. What wedding nightmare doesn’t include the groom having too crazy an adventure at their bachelor party?

9. The Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer

A great Adam Sandler flick about a wedding singer who can’t find love. Sandler’s character’s breakdown in the middle of one of his gigs is one of the better wedding movies scenes ever. It helps that this is back when Adam Sandler movies were actually funny.

8. Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are best friends who end up scheduling their weddings on the same day. Both spend the rest of the movie trying to ruin the other’s big day. Every bride’s biggest worry, that her big day could be upstaged, is taken to hilarious heights in this movie.

7. Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

Every bride has butterflies, but Julia Roberts’ character takes those butterflies to the extreme as she bolts on several different weddings over the course of the movie. Richard Gere stars the the jaded reporter who lets his guard down, and ends up as one of the jilted grooms.

6. Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

This movie centers on two guys who inadvertently cause quite a bit of wedding disasters themselves. The one liners that emerged from this movie alone could stand alone as some of the best in the comedy movie category.

5. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This was perhaps that truly showed us why Hugh Grant was a Hollywood darling for a short period of time. His character and friends travel around to four different weddings (complete with their own hijinks each time) as well as one funeral. Andie McDowell plays the love interest he keeps running into.

4. Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Kill Bill

Only Quentin Tarantino can take a wedding disaster and build it into a bloody Battle Royale. Uma Thurman is “The Bride” who is attacked on her wedding day and spends the rest of this film and the next, exacting revenge.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best Friend

Julia Roberts really had a little thing going starring in wedding movies in the late 1990’s. This flick centers around her trying to steal her “best friend” away from the woman (Cameron Diaz) he is about to marry.

2. The Graduate


There may be no bigger disaster than finding out your man is sleeping with your mom. Of course, that isn’t really the wedding disaster in this movie. The disaster takes place when Dustin Hoffman’s character tries to disrupt his true love’s wedding to another man. Disasters abound!

1. The Hangover

The Hangover

Much like “Bachelor Party” this movie’s disaster is that of an out of control bachelor party. This fantastic comedy centers on the groomsmen on the hunt for the missing groom after a raucous bachelor party leaves them all without memories of the festivities.


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