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Top 10 Wedding Jitters

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 27, 2012
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wedding jittersContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

A little anxiety before getting married is completely normal.

In fact, the power of wedding jitters can be used for good, like getting the invites out in time because you’re paranoid about forgetting them completely. While there’s no predictable pattern for the jitters, learning to recognize them will help you relax and release them.

These top ten wedding jitters are known to strike anytime from the moment he asks ‘Will you?’ to the time you say ‘I do’.

10. The wedding won’t be perfect!

wedding won't be perfect

If the very thought of an imperfect wedding terrifies you, join the club. With so many moving parts, it’s practically impossible for the big day to go off without a single hitch, but that’s fine. You’re nervous about the big day because you care. Tame wedding planning jitters with a detailed wedding planner and keep an ongoing list of loose ends.

9. He’s not ‘the one’

the one

How do you know whether your wedding jitters are normal or if your gut is waving the red flag? When you’re so deep in jitterland that you’re questioning if the love of your life is really the one, it’s time to share these feelings with a best friend, sibling or an aunt – someone who loves you and won’t judge you.

8. Isn’t this supposed to be fun?

not fun

From movies and books, to the stories grandma told you, it seems like the whole world is guilty of idealizing marriage – though movies are getting better about shedding light on the jitters. As frantic a reputation as wedding planning has, that’s supposed to be fun, too. If you’re heart races at the thought of the approaching wedding day, check out the forums on sites and to find like-minded jittery brides.

7. Too many tiffs

too many arguments

The months leading up to the wedding can be especially challenging for couples. Wedding jitters will drive you to put every little disagreement beneath a microscope. He’s allergic to animals and your heart is set on getting a puppy. And what’s with those dishes in the sink? This is when it’s helpful to channel your inner adolescent and just chill. You’re moody and in desperate need of chocolate and fun time.

6. Can we really afford this?

wedding budget

You’ve put down the venue deposit, ordered the gorgeous wedding invitations and found the perfect dress. As your wedding begins to take shape, the numbers start to seriously add up. Money is a very real concern for couples planning a wedding, and there’s no need to go into debt just to start your lives together. Look into alternative wedding supplies, crafty upcycling and friends with connections to stay within budget.

5. Too much change at once

too much change

On top of committing your life to another person, marriage could entail finding a place to live and learning to live together if you don’t already. Not to mention the question of taking his last name or not. These changes can send the wedding jitters soaring into all out panic. Sit down with your hubby-to-be and figure out what can wait. He may be having the same worries.

4. The D word


How many times does the world have to remind us of divorce stats? For many couples, it’s not getting married that they fear but the possibility of divorce. Alleviate these fears by talking about the big issues like finances, religion, if and when to have children and any cultural differences openly.

3. His feet look chilly

cold feet

As natural it is for you to have wedding jitters, sensing that your partner is getting cold feet can be downright hurtful. If you’re starting to see some fear in his eyes, try to remember this doesn’t mean he’s having second thoughts about you. Let him know you’re nervous, too and remind him you can postpone things until you’re both ready. Sometimes a couple just needs a romantic dinner for two in a wedding-free zone.

2. Stage fright

cold feet

All eyes will be on you on the big day. Most of us aren’t comfortable with this much attention, let alone during what we hope will be some of the most important moments of our lives. Take a deep breath and smile. Trying visualizing your ceremony and wedding reception decorations ahead of time and remember that your loved ones are coming to see you not a robot bride.

1. How boring can it get?

stage fright

Marriage begins the next chapter in your life, and closes another. Holding on to the carefree ways of your recent past can easily make the future seem doomed for boredom. Marriage is what you make of it though. Remember the reasons why you said ‘yes’ in the first place and trust the life you build together will be an adventure.


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