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Top 10 Welcome Baby Home Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 6, 2012
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welcome baby giftsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The birth of a new baby is always a joyous occasion for mom, dad, family and friends.

When the time comes to bring baby back from the hospital, new parents will appreciate gifts that are necessities as well as gifts that are fun for the new parents and the new arrival.

Whether there’s a welcome home party or not, consider the following top ten welcome baby home gifts to give a helping hand to new moms and dads.

10. Baby-themed gift baskets

gift baskets

Gift baskets are a universally appropriate and pleasing gift to give to anyone including new parents. Welcome baby home with a fun gift basket that includes stuffed animals and booties in blue or pink to suit baby’s sex. Or treat mom and dad to a gift basket filled with gourmet treats, rich chocolate or piles of fresh fruit. Believe me, they’ll love having the snacks on-hand and ready to eat during those crazy first days!

9. Baby blankets


New babies will need lots of warm blankets to snuggle up in whilst in Mom’s arms or sleeping in a crib. Try a fun-colored fleecy crib blanket included with baby gift sets.

8. Onesies


Why not surprise parents with a welcome baby gift of onesies in multiples – and we mean lots! Onesies are not only adorable but also needed in multiple numbers given the frequency with which babies tend to spit up and make messes! And unlike fancy clothes, they’ll be used every day of the week.

7. Rattles and Baby Toys

Baby toys and rattles

Even newborns can focus on patterns and listen to sounds, so why not start them off right with some wonderful baby toys? Look for baby-safe items with bold patterns and high contrast instead of boring pastels. Newborn eyes love the intensity! And when it comes to sound, rattles, bells and toys with other gentle sounds are sure to be a favorite.

6. Bib

Personalized baby bibs and other baby gifts

Baby bibs are a must-have welcome baby home gift! Parents will need bibs to prevent milk and drool from spilling onto baby’s clean clothes. Give a set of personalized baby bibs and burp pads for baby’s first meals with company.

5. Baby clothes


If you’re a fashion fiend who loves to shop, check out the baby section of your favorite catalog and put your money to good use. Baby clothes come in all sizes, styles and colors nowadays to meet babies’ needs and personalities. New parents will appreciate clothing that is too big for baby, so that the drawers are full of something “to grow into.”

4. Yum

food and wine basket

Sure you can buy baby food as a gift, but why not welcome baby home by giving a thoughtfully yummy gift to the parents. New moms and dads will appreciate, and devour, a gourmet basket filled with chocolate, baked goods or a bottle of interesting wine for those moments when baby is sleeping and new mom and dad get to unwind.

3. Toys


Although they may be too little to play with toys, new babies grow and develop quickly so those toys will come into excellent use one day. A collection of colorful educational toys will wait until baby hits the toddler years (which comes quickly!) and will be much-appreciated by mom and dad.

2. Diapers

Unisex diaper bags for dad and mom

It may be boring but diapers are a practical gift that can help save new parents from stretching their own dollar bills. An extra pack of diapers is always useful as an emergency stash to avert disaster! Make this an extra special gift by presenting the supply of diapers in a diaper bag that is chic enough to go everywhere. Or get dad involved with a “Dad’s Diaper Bag” designed to be just as functional but a lot less feminine!

1. Baby books

baby books

Welcome baby home with baby books that can help lull baby to sleep at night. Reading aloud to baby can help soothe them and get them ready for many years of story time to come.

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