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Top 10 Winter Outfits for Kids

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 19, 2011
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A list of the top ten winter kids outfitsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

It’s cold, with winter break fast approaching there will be free time a plenty; so their winter outfits need to not just look good they have to be functional too.

How else are the kids going to get out of the house long enough for us to wrap presents?

Here are few ideas to get you on the road to personal freedom this winter; the top ten winter outfits for kids.

10. Ear muffs, scarf and mitten combo

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

Any winter combo set – will keep your little ones warm and feeling stylish – there are virtually limitless styles and colors of these adorable collections. Dolling the little one up with a scarf and earmuffs is the perfect topper to winter outfits of all sorts. All they’re thinking about of course is making snow angels, but this way they’ll even look like one while they’re doing it!

9. Princess coat

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

Yeah, it’s cold outside but that doesn’t mean your little princess has to look like anything other than a little princess. This example of winter outfits are for wintry horseplay of course, a little to upscale for dabbling with the peasants. But if you’re on your way to the winter school performance, or maybe over to the relatives for some Holiday festivities she’ll steal the show in this one.

8. Winter tunic

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

Eventually, the winter coats, ear muffs and assorted winter-type gear has got to come off. When they do, a nice warm winter tunic will make sure she doesn’t lose all that wonderful warmth her outer layers worked so hard to maintain.

7. Boarder hat

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

Along the lines of item #1 on our list, the right toque can make or break winter outfits for kids. If your pre or early teen boy is like mine, dressing like Shaun White at the X Games is the coolest. And Lord knows at age 12, the importance of being the coolest can not be overstated. With that said, anything Quicksilver, Hobie or another boarder like brand is sure to hit home.

6. Insulated underalls

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

The style of The Beverly Hillbillies without the hick; insulated overalls are perfect kids winter fashion. They make a great basis for all sorts of different, fun winter outfits. Slide these over a pair of fashionable thermals, with the right hat, gloves and a coat and he’s ready to hit the snow streets. Better make sure he’s sporting item #5 so he doesn’t literally “hit the streets.”

5. Kamik boots

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

These boots are the perfect way to apply the finishing touches to your kid’s winter outfits. Not only will they stay warm in the worst of weather, they come in so many different styles and patterns you’re sure to find a pair to fit the personality of your little one. And with the durable rubber sole, they won’t end up slipping and sliding all over the place, potentially soiling the rest of their stylish outfit.

4. Snowsuit

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

If the plan is settle in for an hour’s long assault via snowball, protect your loved one with the right snowpants, coat or snowsuit. Waterproof and incredibly warm, these won’t protect a direct hit to the melon from one of the older kids who thought it’d be fun to throw ice balls instead of snow balls, but they’ll stay warm and look good doing it. At least until they tell Mom, kick back from the safety of the living room and watch as she shows that older kid what a snowball fight is really all about.

3. Winter onesy

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

Okay, these aren’t exactly onesy’s but you get the idea. I love seeing teensy kids wrapped into these heat preserving snow suits. About all you can see are little eyes and a mouth peeking out from what is obviously a toasty warm winter wrap; I love it. And as with Winter Outfits for Kids item #2, the wilder the better style-wise.

2. Cool kids sweater

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

A great thing about winter, among a lot of great things about winter, is the chance to put together ensembles that just wouldn’t seem right any other time of the year. Bundling your little one up in a funkified sweater during the Spring? Nah, that’d just be out of place but in dead of winter; the wilder the better.

1. Snowboarder gear

A list of the top ten winter kids outfits

For most, skateboarding takes a back seat during the cold winter months, so what’s a hip teen supposed to do? The next best thing of course, get duded up in full-blown snowboarding gear. There’s a strong correlation, athletically and fashionably, between boarders and well, boarders. Throw this jacket over top of some blue or black insulated pants and voila, you’re left with the best of the winter outfits for kids.


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