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Top 10 Items To Take Sailing

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 17, 2011
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One of the top ten items to take sailingContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Heading out to sea on a sailboat means that you need to pack some basic items that will take you from novice sailor to all-hands-on-deck.

You will find all of these in the sea-faring duffel of the experienced sailor. Take note, mates, and pack all of these top ten items to take sailing:

10. Rain gear

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Even with the best laid plans, weather can be a fickle adversary. If it does unexpectedly turn nasty, the sailboat still needs to be managed, and that means being out in the elements; rain, sleet, snow or hail; and any other conditions postal carriers have to deal with. Bringing along some decent rain gear may save an otherwise dismal day.

9. Anti-sea sickness solutions

One of the top ten items to take sailing

For some, the mere sight of a boat on the water gets their stomachs flip-flopping. If that describes someone you know, make sure to bring an anti-nausea remedy along sailing. Nothing can ruin a beautiful day on the water faster, and more completely, than spending it hanging over the edge of the boat. Choose an herbal remedy, drug-free seabands or an over-the-counter medicine to keep your lunch where it belongs.

8. Gloves

One of the top ten items to take sailing

A common misconception when asked to join friends for a day of sailing is it will involve nothing more strenuous than a trip below to grab another margarita. Sailing takes some work, between the tacking, raising and lowering of sails and reefing the lines to get the most out of the wind. All guests, large and small, should help out with some of these duties. For landlubbers, that means pulling and yanking on rope that may chew your hands up; so bring along a pair of boating gloves. You and your non-blistered hands will be glad you did.

7. Snorkel gear

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Depending on where you’re sailing, nothing better than jumping over the side of a moored sailboat to do some snorkeling. A word of caution is in order for those interested in swimming with sea turtles and seals; both favorites of the snorkeling ilk. Yes, this sounds fantastic, and probably is. But these two fun-loving creatures are also shark bait, and not fun to be around if Jaws decides it’s lunch time.

6. Suntan lotion

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Getting out in the sun should always be accompanied with the appropriate strength suntan lotion. The need grows exponentially when on a sailboat. The suns rays reflecting off the water, in addition to beating straight down on you, requires industrial strength SPF 4,800, or that white zinc oxide stuff that Spiccoli wore on Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

5. A cool hat

One of the top ten items to take sailing

For much the same reason as list item #5, bringing along a hat while sailing is a good idea. After a few hours of being on the water and in the sun, the top of your head may start actually melting; not a pretty sight. Sliding on a cool panama hat, straw hat or even a baseball cap is the answer to a broiling brain.

4. Sunglasses

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Without a pair of good shades, a day on the water will leave you with a wicked headache from all the squinting. If possible, avoid the John Lennon specs and bring along some wrap-around sunglasses if you have them. Your eyes, and non-wrinkled forehead, will thank you for it.

3. Deck shoes

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Flip-flops are great for beach excursions, but running around the deck of a boat without having your toes covered is a recipe for disaster. There are stanchions, running and standing gear, winches and a host of other sailboat-specific items that are just dying to jump up and smash the unsuspecting toe. Classic deck shoes are a must. Oh, and be kind to the sailboat owner, don’t wear black soled tennis shoes. The marks left on the deck of the boat will have the Captain steaming.

2. Bathing suit

One of the top ten items to take sailing

Assuming we’re able to avoid the problems associated with Top Ten list item #10, there will come a time during the day when getting in the water becomes mandatory. Time to bust out the swimsuit and cool down with a nice dip. Even if you’re not a swimmer, bring your suit along. If nothing else, it will help avoid the dreaded farmers tan.

1. Provisions

One of the top ten items to take sailing

A day on the water can be a bit unpredictable, time-wise. So make sure to bring enough food and water to last the day, and then some. Much better to have extra to take home after the sailing’s done, than not enough to keep everyone comfortably sated. And, a hint to sailing guests everywhere, surprising the Captain with a pre-prepared cooler of margaritas around the lunch hour is a sure-fire way to get promoted to first mate.


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