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Top 10 Annoying Things Couples Do

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 5, 2010
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Couples, married or otherwise, can be extremely annoying at times.

Surely, you know a couple or two that makes you gnaw your teeth every time you are within spitting distance of them. Here are the top 10 most annoying things that couples do:

10. Asking Permission

Will you be there on Saturday, Margaret? I don’t know, Doris. I’ll have to check with Mike first. Either that is an extremely feeble excuse or just a good way to get out of fundraising on Saturday. Evidently, Margaret cannot take a leak unless she checks with Mike first. Consulting with your spouse about mutual and individual plans is common courtesy, but does your spouse have to give the stamp of approval on virtually every decision you make? Grow up. Get some cojones.

9. Mommy & Daddy

Calling each other mommy and daddy is just “off.” Now that is perfectly okay if they are talking to their small children and referring to one another using this terminology but when a couple is out on the town, and she whines, “Oh, daddy, buy me that shiny new diamond.” And he responds, “Oh, mommy, better luck next time” this jump starts the gag reflex. It is creepy and Oedipal and Electra-ish.

8. PDAs

Sending flowers to one another at the office pushes the annoying buttons. Now, presumably, there are husbands and wives who like this kind of public display but there are those who would prefer to get their birthday goodies or anniversary goodies or that-was-great-make-up-sex goodies in private. No need for Doris in accounting knowing it is your 40th birthday or that your spouse rocked your world that morning, the reason you were late for work.

7. Babe does it

Hey, babe. What, babe? Can you come over here, babe? Sure, babe. Enough said.

6. Old Lady

When a man calls his wife old lady. Yikes!

5. Titles of Ownership

Calling the wife the Missus or referring to the wife as Mrs. Mybetterhalf instead of using her first name, as if she does not have any name other than that which she got from him.

4. Losing yourself

Suddenly, he is a vegetarian, will not hunt, eschews leather and belongs to PETA because she told him to do so. This is the “I no longer have a mind of my own syndrome,” which happens to both men and women who are totally consumed by their partner and take on his or her identity and beliefs. However, they get over it really quickly once they are dumped and became the same old beer swilling, deer hunting slob whom they were before.

3. Goo Goo Eyes

Cooing and goo goo eyeing each other when in public, particularly when they have been married for 36 years and everyone knows he cheats and she drinks to self medicate when no one is looking. The riot squad has been known to show up at their house a time or two. Who are THEY kidding?

2. Dress Alike

Dress alike. Ugh. Unless you are three years old and an identical twin, do not go down this path.

1. “WE”

The wife is pregnant — but according to this couple WE are pregnant. That is just plain wrong. News flash: You are not joined at the uterus. Maybe at the hip but there it ends.


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