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Trendy Legwear Styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 25, 2013
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trendy legwearContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Fashion lovers and makers are finally giving legwear the attention it deserves.

Tights, socks and leggings can do a whole lot more than warm your legs on a cool fall day – bringing color or visual interest to a plain dress, or adding an edge to a pretty number.

These top ten trendy legwear styles embrace some of the boldest, liveliest designs yet.

10. Brighter tights

Brighter tights

Bright colored tights allow those who prefer more subtle looks to stay in their comfort zones while making said zones a lot bolder. Wear these with solids and you can do no wrong. From pastel to moody hues, tights give legs a strong, sculpted look.

9. Structured leggings


Now that Spanx has made its initial shapely splash, fans know when the brand promises structure it delivers. The Ready-to-Wow!™ line has a slimming, built-in shape to give you a sleek silhouette for that little black dress you’ve been dying to wear.

8. Textured legwarmers

Textured legwarmers

Find the right fit and leg warmers will keep you feeling warm and looking cool no matter how much snow is on the ground. Warmers got a bit of a makeover this year, which is why they make the cut as one of the top trendy legwear styles. If you live in a cold region, nubby warmers in black and dark grey are just what that wool skirt was missing.

7. Appliques


From tights with studded crystals to hosiery with ornate flowers, appliqués add elaborate detail and texture to legs that won’t be ignored.

6. Graphics


Designers play with graphics almost every other season. Right now, there’s an all out invasion in the legwear department and nobody’s complaining. These playful accessories are easy to pair with just about any solid outfit. From stripes and geometric patterns, to prints that look as if they walked off a canvas, these trendy leggings styles are bound to keep you on your toes.

5. Sheer hosiery

Sheer hosiery

Hosiery gets a bad rap, reminding many women of the thick, itchy horrors of childhood. But it’s time to give modern hosiery a chance. The sleek, sexy feel of sheer black hosiery with a new dress is the antidote to any humdrum day.

4. Glam leggings

Glam leggings

If we were doing superlatives for the top trendy legwear styles, hot new leggings would probably be something broad like Most Popular. It’s easy to see why, too. They’re the most universal because they’re comfortable; they complement every body type and go with almost everything. Now they’re getting more specific and glamorous – think black leather leggings paired with a sleek sweater or metallic hues paired with an off the shoulder tunic.

3. Monochrome goodness

Monochrome goodness

Monochrome tights have a permanent place in autumnal fashions and this year is no different. Something about the leaves turning yellow and deep red helps us appreciate occasional grey skies, charcoal grey legs and the jewel-toned skirts to set them off. As temperatures drop further, opt for opaque tights or leggings over sheer for more warmth.

2. Twisted classics

Twisted classics

The finer the fishnets get, the more versatile the look. While not appropriate for most offices and other professional settings, fishnet stockings are perfect for going out at night. They’re sexy and surprisingly sophisticated when paired with an understated dress.

1. Knee high socks

Knee high socks

Knee high socks are back for another round of naughty and nice, and it’s a good thing because they add a versatile layer to any wardrobe. Sweet touches, like a crochet back seam, bring spirited femininity to this sometimes stuffy look. Don’t worry, you won’t feel like a school girl in these funky designs. Wear them with boots and a skirt that has some volume.


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