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Best of … surprisingly useful household gadgets

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 22, 2011
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One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgetsContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

We’ve all seen the different gadgets advertised on television to make your life easier, more convenient, free up time, or turn you into a gourmet cook!

But, just how useful are they really? Here is a list of five online stores that have surprisingly useful household gadgets that fit in your budget and are actually quite handy to have around the house. Some of these featured gadgets will make use of limited space, some will remove mites from your bed (now there’s an unpleasant thought), and yes, there is even a unsurprisingly useful gadget for the barbecue lover.

Compartments galore

Gadgets to get organized

One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgets

Harriet Carter can take the most unorganized room with limited space and turn it into a homeowner’s fantasy of storage galore! Take this slim pantry for example. It slides neatly between the refrigerator and cupboard to store boxed goods and other kitchen staples. Harriet Carter has you covered when it comes to extra storage and leaves no unoccupied space untouched. Whether you need extra space in the closet, garage or laundry room, here is the solution. If you are like most people and love your gizmos and gadgets, Harriet Carter offers it all.

Fresher bedding

Gadgets to clean house

One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgets

Fresh Finds makes it their job to find the essential household gadgets that are time-savers and problem solvers. Suffer from allergies or asthma? As much as you hate to admit it, it could be your own bedding. Fresh Finds has an electric cleaner that uses UV technology to kill germs and bacteria lurking in mattresses and upholstery. They also aim to simplify the chores around the home with cleaning supplies, innovative kitchen essentials, and items to rescue you from those tedious laundry day chores.

Extend your closet space

Gadgets for clothing storage

One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgets

Everyone needs a personal valet and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you have overcrowded closets or just need an extra clothes rack when company comes calling … and stays longer than expected … look for the gadgets to give you all the extra space you need. Some racks come with rollers, some are collapsible, and some are extra heavy duty to handle bulky winter coats. So if you need extra closet space or just an extra hand during laundry day, see what a personal valey has to offer in the way of useful gadgets.

Perfect hot dogs

Gadgets for the grillmaster

One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgets

Now for the barbecue lover who enjoys their gadgets as well. This rolling hot dog griller takes on several dogs at once and keeps them from falling through the grate or burning. It not only keeps the outdoor chef in mind, but has plenty of useful kitchen gadgets to quickly prepare the macaroni salad to go with those perfectly browned hotdogs.

Cold water

Gadgets for everyone else

One of the best of surprisingly useful household gadgets

Things You Never Knew Existed makes your online shopping for useful household gadgets easy and convenient. If you are shopping for things you wear, novelties, household gadgets, and sports things, you have come to the right place. However, as far as gadgets go, Things You Never Knew Existed offers a “must have” for every bottled water lover. Try this: put an ice cube in your bottle. Impossible? We think not, with this ingenious set of ice cube trays!


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