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Wall Coverings Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 12, 2012
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wallcoveringsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Designing and decorating houses and office spaces can be fun, exciting and challenging for many people.

Yet, there are many other people that are not as creative or design-savvy which causes them to feel stress and anxiety over interior decorating projects. Covering the walls of a home or any other four-walled space is a great way to ignite your decorative skills and spruce up a room. Wall coverings are things that are used to cover up walls and can include anything from wallpapers to borders to fabrics in various colors, shapes, patterns and styles. Prior to starting a wall covering project, write out your vision on paper so that you can have a better focus on what the end result will be. If you’re not sure where to start, ask a knowledgeable friend for help or even a professional at a local hardware or crafty store.

Check out the following top ten wall coverings ideas and get started planning your next home project today!

10. Modern


Among the top wall covering ideas is a contemporary design which includes modern wallpaper. Modern wallpaper is original, trendy and creative and consists of a variety of colors, prints and patterns to suit your decorating needs. Accessorize with modern wall art, and you’ll have a unique and stunning look for any room.

9. Designer

designer wallpaper

If you are seeking wall coverings that will have your friends and family asking you about for days, try designer styles. Designer wall coverings are the new ‘it’ thing in interior decorating right now and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Select from designer coverings that include floral, artsy, bold or graphic to fashion the walls of your home or office space.

8. Beadboard


Beadboard wall coverings are among the top wall decorators and in fact one of the best-sellers at Graham and Brown stores. Check out beadboard coverings that come in paintable and nonwoven for a quiet and classic look to suit your houses’ personality.

7. Flowing fabric

fabric on walls

Who says that your wallcovering has to be, well, wallcovering? For a romantic, cozy or exotic look, drape your walls in yards and yards of flowing fabric. Mount curtain rods at the top of the wall and hang fabric like curtains. Or staple the fabric to the top of the wall and cover the staples with light-weight decoration foam crown molding.

6. Vintage


Vintage clothing is hot and wanted by most fashion-savvy people worldwide in part due to its uniqueness and beauty. Vintage wall coverings are no different and can lend a classic, sophisticated vibe to your walls. Choose one from many vintage wall coverings which include a vintage flock in pearl or black or a kinky vintage in naughty black or lacy red.

5. Color


When in doubt, go with color! Colorful wall coverings can bring new life to otherwise plain and boring walls. Jazz up walls with bright colors such as yellow, bold colors such as an orange or turquoise blue or aim for a more peaceful setting with wall coverings that are pale blue or a neutral sunrise shade.

4. Diamond patterns

Diamond patterns

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – but not just in jewelry rather in wall coverings! If you are keen on shapes and stand-out patterns, try diamonds that are either uniform in size, small, large, bulky, shiny or dusky in color.

3. Art


Wall coverings that consist of wall art are increasingly popular nowadays as they enable you to decorate walls with personality. Peruse artsy pieces that include lettering or numbering and realistic images can be lots of fun to work with. Other selections include shell box art trios or even gothic skulls wallpaper.

2. Paint


Wall coverings do not consist of only wallpapers. Rather, you can always use paint to decorate and design walls by choosing colors that match your mood, likes and personality.

1. Mirrors


Besides wallpaper and paint, you can use items or even furniture to decorate your walls. Mirrors are a great wall covering device since they provide a focal point on a room’s wall. Guests will admire mirrors that have authentic, vintage or antique frames and want to check out their appearance on a regular basis.


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