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Warmest Winter Coats

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 22, 2014
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winter coatsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Blankets of snow turn a neighborhood into a magic setting.

Next thing you know it’s snowman time and it feels like you’ve stepped into a Grandma Moses painting. The coldest season is also one of the most beautiful, filled with reasons to be out and about – an ice skating date and introducing the kids to the thrill of flying down a mountain strapped to a little board, for instance.

A flimsy jacket is the worst reason to miss the season. These top warm winter coats will keep you dry and comfortable no matter how slushy the sidewalks or heavy the skies.

10. Long and lined down coats

Long and lined down coats

Lightweight and stylish, some of the warmest winter coats are filled with down and lined in water-proof fabric. So how do you decide between the hundreds of choices out there? Details like tight stitching and strong zippers with placket snaps for extra insulation are signs of high quality and durability.

9. What a nice puff

What a nice puff

A little puff in a bright color with over-sized buttons can give any gal a playful, flirty touch. The trick is to choose a design that fits your body type. For instance, if you have an apple shape, try a fitted coat with a wide, feminine collar.

8. Alpaca and wool

alpaca coats

A blend of baby alpaca fur and wool creates one of the warmest winter coats you can find. This luxuriously soft style is ideal for nights out on the down. Wear your finest dress and don’t worry about catching a chill.

7. Waxed-cotton

Waxed- cotton

Sportier coats are all about adjustability. This water-proof border jacket made from waxed-cotton offers a smart look you can wear over a suit. They’re lined for superior warmth and have a zip-in vest for extra protection.

6. Faux fur

Faux fur

Looks are especially deceiving in a faux fur coat. This exquisitely soft material is more lightweight than real fur, and easier to maintain. Feel like you’re wrapped in a hand-made blanket while looking like you’re ready for the red carpet.

5. Leather


There’s elegance to a well-crafted leather coat that cannot go unmentioned. This is one of the most durable, long-lasting kinds of winter jackets money can buy. But it’s the versatility that wins people over. From work to date night, to browsing the holiday markets, you can’t go wrong in this flattering cold weather style.

4. Surprisingly adorable

Surprisingly adorable

Perfect for urbanites who walk to work by day and stroll their neighborhoods by night, this Uniqlo jacket is flattering, toasty and affordable. Don’t be thrown by the horizontal quilting. Side seams add shape and the length will keep you covered well below the tush.

3. Slim but heavy duty

Slim but heavy duty

Heavy coats shouldn’t make you look like you’ve gained one hundred pounds. Parkas are particularly guilty of making warm-intentioned pedestrians look like walking pillow fights. Beyond wind and water-proof, the basic checklist for this style includes a hood, stand up collar and deep pockets, like the Patagonia jacket pictured above.

2. Classic parka

Classic parka

Military style parkas are designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures so they’re perfect for urban commuters and weekend trekkers alike. The rustic style keeps you looking fabulous regardless of where you’re off to. More importantly, they guard you from the sharp bite of dropping temperatures.

1. Therma wrap

Therma wrap

If you’re itching for the slopes before the first snowfall, this therma wrap jacket’s one of the warmest winter coats for you. Perfect for layering under shells, this style is quick-drying and lightweight so you can zip it off and head out the door regardless of the conditions. Synthetic insulation seals in body heat while elastic cuffs and a high-necked fitted hood keep moisture out.


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