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Ways to Decorate for Fall

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

September 17, 2013
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Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the crisp air, the taste of hot cider. Never mind that I’ve lived most of my life in places where real autumn never arrives. The years I did spend in four-season climates have taught me how to create autumn no matter where I am. And the best way to do that is to decorate for fall, even when nature won’t cooperate.

With the right accessories, colors and an autumn-attitude, I’ve learned to recreate the feel of autumn indoors no matter what the thermometer says. So whether it’s a crisp 50 degrees or a scorching 90 where you are, pour yourself a cup of spicy hot cider, and read on!

10. Start at the door

When you’re decorating to honor the season, start your theme before guests even step inside the door. Adding a colorful autumn wreath is the perfect way to create a seasonal mood while guests are waiting for you to answer their knock. Replace your year-round welcome mat with one featuring autumn colors or leaf patterns, and it will be clear that fall has arrived at your house.

9. Harvest home

And while we’re talking about the front of your home, why not bring the spirit of the harvest onto the rest of your porch, and even into the yard and walkway. Pile up a stack of hay bales, and top them with a pumpkin or two. Tie corn stalks or sheaves of wheat to your gate or light post. Wrap pillars, fences or posts with colorful all-weather vines of autumn leaves or autumn-color flowers.

With a few well-placed items, the entire front of your home will become a tribute to nature’s most colorful season.

8. Set the stage with scent

They say that our sense of smell is the most connected to memory, and I believe that’s true. A certain scent can instantly remind us of home, a holiday or a season. So as you look for ways to decorate for fall, don’t forget to include candles in classic autumn scents like pumpkin pie, cinnamon spice and gingersnap.

If you have small children or are just worried about lit candles, opt for scented flame-free candles. You’ll get the look and scent of autumn without the worry.

7. Autumn colors, soft feel

Autumn’s leaves might be wonderfully crunchy, but that’s not the texture you want indoors. Instead, add the rich colors of autumn to your living room or family room with soft throws, fluffy pillows and even slipcovers in fall-toned colors. Just adding a few accents, and packing away the pieces in summery colors can instantly add warmth to a room.

6. Deck the mantel

If you have a mantel in your home, make sure to extend your fall decor to the shelf and wall above. You can opt for an abundant display of pumpkins, gourds and autumn leaves, or choose a simple and modern look with just a few key autumn items. If you can, consider replacing your wall art above the fireplace with a more seasonal image, too.

5. In the kitchen

Autumn is so closely tied with food and cooking, from Thanksgiving turkeys to spicy cinnamon cookies, that it makes perfect sense to include your kitchen in your fall decorating plans. For just a few dollars, you can bring an autumn feel to the room with colorful fall patterned dishtowels and trivets. If you want to invest a bit more, consider a pumpkin-shaped cookie jar, an earth-toned tiered cookie tray (filled with sweet and savory autumn treats, of course), or decorative tray painted with leaves, turkeys or other classic images of the season.

For the perfect finishing touch, drape the tops of cabinets or the edges of shelves with bright vines made of autumn leaves.

4. Sit down to an autumn feast

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy an autumn table. Bring the feel of the season to every meal with a simple centerpiece made up of small pumpkins, colorful gourds, unshelled nuts and your favorite autumn leaves. Toss on a deep-toned table cloth, tie earth-toned linen napkins with strips of burlap, and bring out the burnt orange, deep green and rich gold tableware. Instantly, every meal feels like the heart of autumn (even if you have to ignore the palm trees outside your window for a bit!)

3. On to the bath

Just as in the rest of your home, your bathroom can be transformed by fall decorating and scents. Buy warmly scented candles and soaps, replace ordinary fingertip and hand towels with new ones in fall colors, and decorate the countertop with a potted autumn mum.

2. Sleep tight on chilly fall nights

Even your bedroom deserves an autumn makeover. Add a rich-toned blanket or throw, trim dresser-tops and vanities with autumn knick-knacks, and bring in rustic lanterns filled with creamy candles. If you live in an area where the seasons are real, replacing light weight summer curtains with cozier suede or velvet fabrics will instantly bring a warm feeling to your personal space.

1. And for the all the rest

Every room in your house, from library to laundry room, can become the perfect canvas for creating a warm and welcoming fall decor. Change art work, drape silk leaves or bring out the once-a-year fall accents. With a few simple changes, you can bring autumn home today.

Autumn can be as much a state of mind as a season. Enjoy the season of harvest and home, no matter where you live.

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