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Ways to Get the Holiday Spirit

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 28, 2012
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holiday spiritContributed by Info Guru Angela Hail

It’s that time of year again — a time when people go into hyper-good-cheer mode and the world starts oozing Christmas-Hanukkah-Solstice-Kwanzaa-Festivus-New Years from its pores.

But what if you’re just not feeling it yet? Here are some tried and true methods of catching a little of that festive cheer for yourself.

10. Bust Out the Ornaments

Bust Out the Ornaments

They’ve been packed away all year long, just waiting for you to set them free. You may not want to. You may be dreading it—all the bobbles and breakables that threaten to take over your home every year—but you owe it to them to get this show on the road. And once you get started going through the years of holiday memories and warm fuzzies associated with each piece, you’ll be humming holiday tunes with the best of ‘em.

9. Decorate Your Office or Cubicle

Decorate Your Office or Cubicle

Invoking the Holiday Spirit takes constant vigilance. No place should be left untouched by your seasonal cheer, and work is an especially important part of the alchemical process. String little strings of lights from your cubicle, buy yourself a Christmas cactus to place on your desk, and put out a bowl of chocolates and tiny candy canes for your coworkers to enjoy.

8. Throw a Party

 Throw a Party

One sure way to throw yourself into a festive mood is to bring the festivities home. Invite friends, family members that don’t stress you out, and anyone with whom you know you will have a good time. Make the event as elaborate or as simple as you want. Just make it fun!

7. Go Light Seeing

Go Light Seeing

Elaborate light displays have become such a part of our culture during the winter holidays. Twinkle lights, solid colored lights, multi-colored lights, light up lawn figures, the combinations and artistic expression of each display is endless. And, it’s free entertainment.

6. Wear the Season

Wear the Season

Okay, so that ugly reindeer Christmas sweater may be a bit much for your taste, but you can still jazz things up with a few fun seasonal accessories. Get some jingle bell earrings, or some crazy holiday socks. Wear mistletoe in your hair. Go wild!

5. Eat Rum Cake

Eat Rum Cake

There’s nothing like a strongly soused cake to get your spirits up. The rummier the better. Eat it at home, bring some to the office, and give it away as gifts. Everyone will love you. And you’ll love yourself. It’s a win-win.

4. Get Your Bake On

Get Your Bake On

If you’re one to get your hands dirty, whipping up a few batches of gingerbread cookies and pfeffernusse is a sure way to get you whistling the Wassail Song. Your house will smell like your best childhood memories, and you’ll have something yummy to show for all your hard work. Take that, Grinch.

3. Start a New Tradition

Start a New Tradition

While the winter months are steeped in traditions from all over the globe, if you’re having a hard time getting into the swing of things, make this time of year your own by starting a new tradition. This can be anything from making a holiday scrap book to taking up door to door caroling or having a bonfire with all your family and friends in attendance. Whatever it is, make it something new to you. And if you truly enjoy it, you’ll have something to look forward to with every coming year.

2. Connect with Family

Connect with Family

Cold days make for a greater need for human connection, which makes this time of year the perfect time to reach out to your loved ones. If you have family that lives far away, give them a call while you’re doing your holiday baking, or pick out some cards to send out to your kin across the miles. For those who live close, make it a point to get together. Even if your schedules are too hectic to meet on the big day, making a coffee date with your mother or plans for dinner out with your siblings is a great way to reconnect.

1. Give Something Back

Give Something Back

There are reminders everywhere: bell ringers at department stores asking for change, signs asking for donations of toys for needy children, television commercials asking for just five dollars a day to help starving people in far away countries. It may seem like a bombardment, but the truth is, at this time of year and always, there are those who have less than you. And nothing lights up a soul like giving without asking for anything in return. Find a charity. Get involved. Sure, you can drop some change into the bell ringer’s bucket and call it good, but if you are truly looking to get into the spirit of giving, give your time. Serve food at a soup kitchen. Volunteer at a local shelter. Deliver food for Meals on Wheels. You will be amazed at how much more you really feel the season once you make a difference in the life of someone else.

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